Welcome to the Electric Bookshop!

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Are you interested in the future of books? Get plugged into The Electric Bookshop (@electricbkshop) to take part in live interactive debates, hear from special guests speaking live from the future and see innovative and pioneering projects that won’t fit neatly between bookends.

Wednesday 27th October 6.30-8.30pm
Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB
Free entry – by registration via Eventbrite only. Click here to register.

Our Electric Friend this month is Sophie Rochester of The Literary Platform and our Electric Penpal is Eli Horowitz of McSweeney’s.

The Electric Bookshop will bring together people with a common interest in technology, literature, design and publishing. It’s a discussion and demonstration forum for literary and technology types, as well as being a great social.

The Electric Bookshop is supported by Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network, and organised by.

Daniel Chebutuk Rotich, MPhil in Publishing Studies, 1995

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Prof Daniel Chebutuk Rotich, an alumni of University of Stirling, graduated in 1995 with Master of Philosophy in Publishing Studies. Currently an Associate Professor at Moi University, School of Information Sciences, Department of Publishing and Media Studies. After obtaining the master degree from Stirling, he went on to pursue a doctoral degree at Thames Valley University in London. The masters degree from the University of Stirling landed him at Moi University as a Tutorial Fellow in 1995 when there was a serious need for teaching staff at the Department of Publishing and Media Studies. The knowledge obtained from the University of Stirling was used in teaching and subsequent academic development at Moi University. The courses on contemporary publishing, marketing and printing were eye opening and exposure to practical aspects.

He has taught and supervised undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University. The masters degree obtained from the Centre of Publishing Studies, University of Stirling was of great importance to his academic development. On administrative front, he has been Head of Department of Publishing and Media Studies where he served for three years, from 2004 to 2007. He has been the Dean of the School of Information Sciences from 2007 to date.

His current research interest is scholarly and educational publishing in developing countries. He has written, published and presented a number of papers in these areas. He has also presented conference papers on ‘Open Access in African Publishing Industry: Opportunities and Challenges’, ‘The Role of Books in Efficient and Effective Utilization of National Resources: a Kenyan Perspective’, and ‘Journals and Academic Books in Kenya: A Critical Analysis’ among others’. A more detailed list of his publications can be found here.

Publishing: an industry set for future prosperity, says Vince Cable

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The Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, delivered the Williamson Memorial Lecture lecture at the University of Stirling last night.

In his speech, entitled ‘Scottish Economic Lessons for “the general industry of society”’, Vince Cable addressed the current economic situation and his role within the Government in leading both industry and higher education, and laid out his thoughts for the pathway from recovery to growth that he envisages for the UK.

Among the key sectors he identified that would lead to future prosperity, he identified ‘design, media, publishing and computer games’.

Cable also praised the Scottish interaction between industry and universities in the shift from heavy to lighter, higher technology industries. One of the needs for industrial renewal and economic growth is, he commented, skills and training.  As a provider of publishing education, training and research, and strongly connected to local and international publishing companies, the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication is a very good example of this interaction.

In conclusion, Cable stated, the principles for economic renewal and success, were provided over 250 years ago by books published in Scotland – by Adam Smith. The history of the book may yet provide our future.