Duncan Lockerbie, Publishing Studies MLitt, 2007-2008

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After I started Publishing Studies I realised that there were many students on the course who shared a similar background to me: we had an under-graduate arts degree from a few years before (in my case philosophy) and had struggled to make any headway in the world of work. I was drawn to publishing studies by little else than a love of books and a feeling that a post-graduate qualification was necessary to start making meaningful progress in my career. It’s fair to say that the course exceeded all my expectations. The staff were friendly, enthusiastic, and clearly very knowledgeable. We were given an excellent view of the many aspects to the industry and graduated well-prepared to start our careers – as is proved by the number of my class-mates who went on to excellent first jobs in the industry. It was also great to work with so many students from around the world, especially in a setting as beautiful as that of the University of Stirling campus.

Since leaving I have set up my own publishing company called The Lumphanan Press, where we help authors to self-publish their work. This wouldn’t have been possible without the skills I learned on the course. The publishing project was particularly useful, as it gave me an excellent grounding in how to produce printed publications using the industry standard tools (mainly Photoshop and InDesign). I basically came out of the course ready to start publishing books, and it only took little more reading on my part before I was producing professional publications. The course gave me the confidence and ability I needed to start out in business on my own – a far cry from the days washing dishes after my philosophy degree!

Publishing Showcase Event

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On Wednesday 4 May 2011, the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication will be holding a Publishing Showcase. 

The event will include feature a round table from our Industry Advisory Board members on the Future of Publishing, an opportunity to hear from current students and to see examples of their work, and a closing reception during which you will be able to meet students and staff from the Centre. 


3.30-4.30pm Industry Round Table: The Future of Publishing (Pathfoot B2)

Speakers: Christoph Chesher (Group Sales Director, Taylor and Francis); Peter Mothersole (ex-OUP and Macmillan); Bob McDevitt (Publisher, Hachette Scotland)

4.30pm-6pm    Publishing Student Showcase and Drinks Reception (Pathfoot C1/2)

If you’re interested in attending this event, please let us know via the details on our contact page. The event is free.

Christoph Chesher, MPhil in Publishing Studies, 1983-4

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The Publishing Studies course at Stirling University has now been established for well over 25 years. As one its earliest graduates I can vouch for the fact that it was of great assistance in illuminating all the myriad roles within publishing and demonstrating how they fit together. The course at Stirling will not only provide a background to the historical development of publishing as an international business, it will inform you about current practice and will also provide you within an insight to the debates and trends that will shape the industry’s future development.

Christoph is currently Group Sales Director of Taylor & Francis Group and President, Asia Region. He is also Honorary Professor of Publishing Studies at the University of Stirling, and Chair of our Industry Advisory Board.

Siobhan Greaney, MLitt in Publishing Studies, 2008-9

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Siobhan Greaney and current Stirling students at the London Book Fair

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Stirling International Centre for Publishing Studies. The MLitt was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people all working toward a career in publishing. We gained some of the experience and skills that would help us not just to get jobs but to do well in those jobs and progress in our careers. The course is a great combination of research, practical workshops and projects that explores every aspect of the publishing industry and develops the project management abilities that are an asset to any job in publishing for managing multiple titles, lists and contacts. Whether it was coming up with a marketing proposal, designing a layout or editing a colleague’s dissertation the staff were always full of good advice and tips. Both the group work and the individual research really helped me to get a clear picture of the industry as a whole and the areas I wanted to go into.

Siobhán is currently Production Editor for Technical and Professional Books, Taylor and Francis (Routledge/Spon Press)

Lucy Ren, MSc in International Publishing Management, 2010

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I had been working in publishing area over 7 years before I came to University of Stirling.

When I arrived I realized how wise I made my decision to study here. It is such a large campus with wonderful scenery, also with brand-new study facilities and professional and kind tutors. The most obvious difference between Chinese education and British education is I only have 10 classmates in my MSc class while it would be over 100 in Chinese universities. The tutors knew every students’ name and cared about us in each class, they explained everything we didn’t understand with huge patience. It’s my fortune to have learnt the modes of thinking more than the result of answering; the disciplines of market more than the statistics of profit; the methods of development more than the compulsion of management.

The other significant characteristic of the MSc studying which impressed me is its utility. All the case studies all based on real models especially the final dissertation. I researched my own publishing company, discussed all its advantages and weakness and focused on marketing. I gave lots of recommendations to the marketing department and showed all these to my boss. He thought my advice about the budget and marketing research was good and added them to the companies’ strategies. It’s so encouraging that my dissertation could be identified by some of my collegues and really helped the development of my company.

My mum passed away at my summer vacation, I wish she could see me getting a distinction of my dissertation and be proud of me. I so appreciate my tutors who gave me care and encouragement to help me finish my study. They have taught me much, not only of my specialist courses but also of my lifestyle. I hope more and more students could have the luck like me, learn and grow a lot from these great tutors and enjoy their life in the publishing department at the University of Stirling.

Kelley Whalen, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2007-2008

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Attending Stirling was without a doubt the best decision I ever made! The MLitt in Publishing programme provided me with the design and marketing skills needed to pursue a career in graphic design and the professors provided invaluable insight into the publishing industry from their first hand experience.

One of the biggest highlights while at Stirling was the incredible friendships I formed with people from around the world. I am fortunate to count them as some of my closest friends, even though we live in various countries now!

Currently, I am accountable for the marketing and graphic design at a multi-speciality medical practice in Utah. I was instrumental in assisting the company to undergo a complete corporate rebranding and have been able to build the graphic design fundamentals from the ground up. If I could offer any advice, it would be to pursue something you are truly passionate about because life is too short to do something you don’t absolutely love!

London Book Fair trip 2011

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Staff and students from the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication have just returned from the London Book Fair 2011, held in Earls Court. We were based on the Publishing Scotland stand with publishers including Black and White PublishingLuath Press and Strident Publishing. Students helped out on the stand, fielding queries from other publishers, publishing service providers and would-be authors.

Students met with graduates from the course now working in the publishing industry, to hear about their career pathways and to get some invaluable careers advice, and also to share some memories of life at Stirling.

In comparison to 2010’s LBF, which was hit by the volcanic ash cloud, 2011 was buzzing, with record numbers of UK and international participants. One of the liveliest panel sessions during the three days of the fair debated whether there is a ‘talent time bomb’ in the publishing industry. Hosted by Skillset, the event was captured by live social media, including photos taken by Lauren Nicoll, a current student on the MLitt in Publishing Studies in Stirling.

Centre Director comments on ebooks and digital publishing

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Much media attention this week is focused on the world of books and publishing, in the run-up to the London Book Fair. The Director of the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication, Claire Squires, has been speaking to various newspapers and broadcast media about the rise and rise of digital publishing.

She was cited in the Sunday Mail on rumours that J K Rowling might finally be allowing Harry Potter ebooks, commenting that “It is akin to the Beatles allowing their music to be launched on iTunes – it really is that important. JK Rowling has been very protective of her novels, and rightly so, but this signals a real sea change in her attitudes.”

BBC Business Scotland is devoting this Sunday’s programme to publishing and bookselling, again interviewing Claire on current trends, challenges and opportunities of the 21st century digital environment.