Helena O Leary, MLitt in Publishing Studies, 2009-2010

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I graduated from the Mlitt in Publishing Studies in 2010. I really enjoyed my time in Stirling and found the course to be extremely interesting with a good dose of challenging too! After graduation I moved to New York to complete an Internship with Continuum International Publishers Inc, which I did over 2 months. The addition of practical experience on top of what I had learned on the Mlitt course was invaluable and I enjoyed my time there immensely. When I had completed the internship with Continuum I was offered a job with Pearson Education in New Jersey as an editorial assistant with the music department. A dream job! Unfortunately, due to visa restrictions I was unable to take this position. I am currently living in Bilbao in Northern Spain where I am working part time as an editorial assistant for a leading scientific journal and an international marketing agent for a Spanish business solutions company. The direction my life has taken is full of triumphs and challenges, obstacles and wonderful new experiences. The MLitt. in Publishing Studies gave me direction and a clear sense of career goals but also offered me skills in marketing and design which have proved invaluable in my current position.

World Book Day 2012

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The Bookseller recently reported on developments for World Book Day 2012, which will be taking place on 1 March.

We’re delighted that a graduate of Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication, Kirsten Grant, is leading the developments as WBD’s new director. Before heading the WBD team, Kirsten worked as campaigns director at Penguin Children’s Books. Along with the WBD committee, Kirsten will be implementing lots of exciting plans, including ‘The Biggest Book Show on Earth’ (an event at London’s South Bank with nearly 1000 children), a WBD app, WBD Ambassadors (including Peter Andre), and a tie-in with the Blue Peter Book Awards.

Kirsten commented to The Bookseller: ‘The marketplace has changed a lot since WBD was launched and there hasn’t been a real root and branch overhaul of the initiative for a long time. My aim is to reconnect WBD with today’s consumers. That means reimaging the whole of WBD; what it looks like, what it says to people and how we can get children and adults committed to it.’

World Book Day focuses exclusively on children’s and young adults’ books and reading. World Book Night, to be held on 23 April this year, extends the focus to adults.

Madara Apine, MLitt in Publishing Studies

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Student Profile

Madara Apine

I am an international student, with experience and undergraduate degree in Translation and Interpreting at the University College of Economics and Culture in Latvia. As the most of my course mates, I chose to study publishing due to passion for written word in both print and digital formats.

The programme provides an abundance of valuable knowledge about publishing business, as much as one is willing or able to absorb: via industry-related curriculum and assignments, via experienced professors, and knowledgeable area specialists, and from fellow students, hailing from different countries.
So far, the programme has been both, exciting and demanding and I am looking forwards to making the most of obtained skills.