Aija Oksman, MLitt Publishing Studies 2012-2014 (PT)

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My interest in publishing stems from being read to when I was a child, growing up in very literary oriented surrounding and having done my undergraduate in Literature and Linguistics at the University of Salzburg. My time in Edinburgh is split between the MLitt Studies, my two jobs and volunteering for Rock Trust. I enjoy being busy, I enjoy putting my gathered skills in actual use and I look forward to be part of publishing world.

I have lived as an expatriate (so far I have lived in Finland, Belgium, Ireland and Austria) for over thirteen years, I have developed a new appreciation for my own language as well as for translated literature. Therefore, my personal interests have been developing towards literary agency and marketing, as well as minority and international literatures – so the ultimate dream would be to be able to find my place in the world where I could combine most of that. That, or alternatively I could open my own little restaurant, with walls covered in bookshelves. Food for the tummy and mind.

Monidipa Mondal, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2013-14

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At my former desk at Penguin Books India, and those are the exact colours we are. (In other words, I strongly abide by the practice of believing a minimum of six impossible things before breakfast.)

​Hello, my name is Monidipa Mondal.​ ​The MLitt in Publishing Studies at the University of Stirling is going to be my second masters degree and I have been sponsored to study here by a Commonwealth Shared Scholarship. I also write a column called ‘Backlisting’ in the Kindle magazine from India (no affiliation with Amazon), in which I take an interesting non-canon book from South Asian writing in English each month, and do a story about it.

Before these things I worked as a copy editor at Penguin Books India in New Delhi and as a multitasking intern at Blaft Publications in Chennai, India. Earlier than that I studied BA and MA at the Department of EnglishJadavpur University in Calcutta, India, a place to which I keep returning, also because it’s home. Sometime in between I published a youth literary magazine called Ex Nihilo and another called Kinaara, archived a vintage Bengali sci-fi magazine called Bismoy, wrote some poetry and fiction, and translated a little from Bengali to English.

I like many things, so now I’ll try to make an alphabetical list: aliens, the Beatles, the blues, book history, comics, CSS, dragons, emoticons, Europe, fan fiction, fantasy, freedom of expression, geography, gods (but not Gods), grandmothers’ tales, Indian classical music, the Internet, limericks, magazines, monsters, mountains, mythology, pastiche, percussion, philosophy, Photoshop, poetry, postcolonialism, printing, puns, rhyming, science fiction, South Asian literature, steampunk, superheroes,  translation, travel, tricksters, typography, vampires (more old-school than teenage-romance, though), Victoriana (only the NSFW bits), Western classical music, witches, worldbuilding… and other things.

I occasionally blog at and very rarely tweet from @Julychildren.

Xiaolin Ma, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2013-14

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Hello, everyone! My name is Lim.I am from China. I am so excited to study Publishing Studies in the University of Stirling. This is my first time to study abroad, and I am very glad to meet you here! My undergraduate major was journalism. But after I read a lot of books and magazines, I found that they were amazing products, so I decided to study how to produce and edit a book or magazine. I am so interested in the content, color, cover and the production  process of books or magazines. I really hope that such a wonderful book or magazine is produced by myself. So I really want to have a chance to know and study Publishing Studies.

Even though e-books are much more popular in recent years, I am still keen on paper books. Paper books are traditional format books, and only when I hold a paper book in my hand can I feel that I am reading a real and wonderful book. Through studying publishing in University of Stirling, I hope that I can do my best to attract more and more people to read paper books. And I also believe that paper books will not disappear.

As far as I know, the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication is a leading institute in the field of Publishing among European universities. It provides a comprehensive and coherent approach to all aspects of publishing. I am convinced that I will obtain more and more information and knowledge in the University of Stirling.

Publishing Prizes 2012-13

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The Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication at the University of Stirling is delighted to be making the following awards to students who will be graduating from the MLitt in Publishing Studies on 22 November 2013.

• The Freight Books Prize for Publishing Design – Lina Pettersson Langlee

• The Faber & Faber Prize for Digital Innovation – Claire Jeffery

• The Publishing Scotland Prize for the Best Dissertation – Lina Pettersson Langlee

• The Taylor & Francis Prize for the most Distinguished Student on the MLitt in Publishing Studies – Joanne Marjoribanks

All the prizes are sponsored by members of the Centre’s Industry Advisory Board, several of whom are offering prizes to students in the Centre for the first time.

Lina Pettersson Langlee is the recipient of both the Freight Books Prize for Publishing Design and the Publishing Scotland Prize for the Best Dissertation. For the former, she took on a challenging design project, producing a beautiful final product which demonstrated panache, clever choices, and strong understanding of the potential market for her book, Dear Father… For this, Lina wins £100 of cash and £100 of books of her choice from Glasgow-based publisher Freight Books.

Lina’s prize-winning dissertation, for which she will receive £100 of books of her choice from Publishing Scotland’s website, was titled ‘Is Text No Longer Enough? A Look at the Digital Turn of “New Literacies” and Going Beyond the Text’. The dissertation examines how publishers are attending to new digital literacies, and included case studies of The 39 Clues and Pottermore. Her conclusion to the question of whether text is no longer enough? Simultaneously yes and no. Lina is currently working on a freelance basis for a number of companies, including Freight Books.

Claire Jeffery is the winner of the Faber & Faber Prize for Digital Innovation, for her work developing the concept of and designs for an app based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Jekyll and Hyde. Claire’s work here demonstrated strong knowledge of the original text, including how to adapt and gamify it for a digital market. She embraced the digital medium’s capacity for extra material and interactivity. Her award will consist of a two-day placement with Faber & Faber in London, during which she will have the opportunity to meet with the heads of Faber Digital, Faber Factory, and the marketing team. Claire is now working as Production Assistant at Prepress Projects in Perth.

Joanne Marjoribanks is the winner for the Taylor & Francis Prize for the most Distinguished Student on the MLitt in Publishing Studies, thus winning £200 of books from T&F. Jo’s overall grade profile on the course was consistently high, and she produced extremely strong work including a dissertation which examined ‘The Soul of the Indie Bookseller’, and a publishing project in which she created a guidebook for families with teenagers whose siblings are autistic.

Professor Claire Squires, Director of the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication, commented that ‘It’s a great validation of our MLitt in Publishing Studies to have these industry-sponsored prizes, which showcase the work of the Centre and its students. We congratulate the individual students on their creativity, knowledge, skills and understanding of the publishing industry, and are particularly delighted to be able to have prize-winning work which celebrate digital savvy and entrepreneurialism – key attributes for the publishers of the future.’

Rosie Cunningham-Siggs MLitt Publishing Studies 2013-14

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I discovered the MLitt in Publishing Studies offered at Stirling during the final year of my English Literature degree at the University of Dundee, driven by the fast approaching ‘real world’. I was drawn to the course’s balance of academic and practical training, along with the stunniing campus surroundings. Over the past year I have been able to explore publishing processes such as editing and design by helping out at Stewed Rhubarb – a small poetry press based in Edinburgh. The fun I had there helped to reaffirm that I was heading in the right direction!
Recently I have developed a keen interest in the production of children’s books and the importance of reading material that genuinely engages and attracts young readers. I am also keen to further explore the different attractions of the printed word and ebooks, stepping away from my knee-jerk preference for books as physical objects. Thanks to the practical components of the course I am already on my way to demystifying the black arts of InDesign and Photoshop!

I was prompted to apply for funding by the immensely approachable and friendly staff on the course, after which I was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Along with the level of publishing know-how that has been fitted into the first two weeks of the course, I am re-assured that I have landed on my feet and ended up in the right place!