Ailsa Dempsey, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2012-2013

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While studying for a MA in English Literature and Film Studies at the University of Dundee, I found one of the most interesting aspects of the course was text preparation and analysing the structure of different literature. As my studies progressed I began to stop thinking of these elements as an unavoidable part of a text but rather as aspects which combine to enhance the effectiveness and beauty of a piece. I began to explore the possibility of a career which would expand on this interest and was led to the decision that editing was the ideal choice.  Whilst at university I managed to gain experience working as both a general intern at Luath Press and as an editorial assistant to a freelance editor. Both of these opportunities only served to further my interest and convinced me that the publishing industry was the right one for me to build a career in. At the moment I am keen to work with fiction, with an interest being in children’s publishing, but this may change over this course! I also worked at the 65th Edinburgh International Film Festival and at Discovery Film Festival 2010, and these experiences not only taught me how to work well in a fast paced and high pressure environment, but also how exhilirating it could be.

Already having had a taste of the publishing industry, I was keen to build on the experience I had gained while continuing to further my knowledge. The MLitt in Publishing Studies at Stirling was specifically recommended to me by publishers I had worked with and after research I realised this was the perfect next step. As the publishing industry is so competitive I realise that it is necessary to be as knowledgeable about its practices and the skills required as possible when beginning a career. As the course at Stirling covers all aspects of publishing I feel that it will not only benefit me as a future editor but also as a member of the industry as a whole and I am greatly looking forward to the experiences and knowledge I will gain over the next year. Follow me on Twitter.