Alicia Rice, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2011-12

November 18th, 2011 | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Alicia Rice, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2011-12

I’m an international student from Texas (U.S.A), which is always a fun thing to say because I feel a bit exotic. I came to the University of Stirling on a study abroad program in second year of undergrad, and I happened upon a great half module on British and American poetry from the 20th century. When I returned to Texas to finish my undergrad, I quickly changed my major from Psychology to English and decided to pursue a career in the only truly constant pleasure in my life – books. Since I don’t have the patience for teaching or the talent for writing anything other than my blog, I looked around for a way to get into the publishing field. Fortunately, I found out I could attend a postgraduate program here in Stirling and cheat my way back into Scotland.

Stirling’s program was exactly what I was looking for in postgraduate study. Part of the reason I returned to the University of Stirling was the wonderful experience I had here before, but the deciding factor was the course description for Publishing Studies. The course offers modules that will be practical for real-world application, and I know I will be leaving the program with a clear understanding of the market as a whole. This certainty after a few semesters of “‘Uh…what?” soothed me into making what I believe is an excellent choice. With any luck, I will snag a job in the production or editorial department of a publishing company somewhere. Anywhere would be great, I’m not picky. I promise.