Amanda Sarah Bain: MLitt in Publishing Studies 2016-17

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Th10869760_836911536331483_7931824809201480419_oroughout my childhood I spent countless hours in libraries and each birthday always consisted of numerous new books. My literary obsession began thanks to the encouragement of my mother and the literary talent that is Dr. Seuss. Fast forward to 2016 and I have just recently graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a joint honours degree in English and French.

During the third year of my degree I contributed to an article which discussed the use of children’s literature as a tool for teaching English as a foreign language. The article was subsequently published in the Scottish Languages Review and my interest in publishing began.

Life as a graduate was a daunting prospect after five years immersed in the university bubble, and my search for the job that was supposed to transform me into a proper adult in the publishing world was proving unsuccessful. Thankfully my search led me to discover Stirling’s MLitt in Publishing Studies. Unsurprisingly, I jumped at the chance to be able learn more about the world of publishing and also to be able to avoid the dreaded graduate job search for at least another year.

I haven’t yet decided which aspect of publishing will suit me best. During my undergraduate studies I acquired a particular interest in French literature due to absurdist writers such as Camus and the semi-autobiographical feminist works of Annie Ernaux. I am also interested in the versatility of children’s literature due to its potential for recreational and educational purposes. Currently, I am most interested in the editorial side of publishing due to the possibility that I may be able to utilise my French language skills as a translator, combining my love of literature and languages. I am excited to engage with all aspects of the publishing industry such as marketing and production in order to find my niche.