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Hannah Fields, PhD in Publishing Studies

November 13th, 2018 by Hannah Fields | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Hannah Fields, PhD in Publishing Studies
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Working Title: Industry Shakeup: Independent Publishing and the Plight for Change

Topic: My research aims to examine the methods and publishing practices of independent publishers to close the diversity gap within UK publishing. The diversity focus includes race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and class. It is also my hope to answer the following question through my research: Are various forms of diversity/social justice better dealt with by independent publishers rather than large/corporate houses?

Research Interests: independent publishing; diversity; representation; identity; inclusivity; publishing studies; social justice; politics; sociology; bibliodiversity


Professor Claire Squires (Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication)

Dr Gill Tasker (Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication)


Hannah on Twitter: @thehfields
Hannah on LinkedIn


Meet some of our current and recent students on our programmes:

Natalie Knabl, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2018-19

November 13th, 2018 by Natalie_Knabl | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Natalie Knabl, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2018-19
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Once upon a time… my mother used to read fairy tales to me at bedtime. I do not recall any early childhood memory as vividly as our reading sessions because they introduced me to a world of imagination and taught me the importance of stories. In a nutshell, I opened the first pages of my life as a reader back then. Memorising the plot of my favourite books and subsequently teaching myself how to read is the origin of my passion for a world full of words and sharing stories.

I decided to study two BA programmes at the University of Vienna and received a BA in Comparative Literature as well as in English and American Studies. I was, thus, able to combine my deeply rooted love for literature with that for the English language itself. More than anything, I wanted to not only deepen my knowledge in both of these subject areas, but I was especially craving to share my passion for words, reading and languages with as many people as possible. I managed to get a three-month internship at Helbling Publishing, an educational publishing company, in Vienna and was lucky enough to continue working for them for the last three and a half years as an editorial freelancer and content creator. I edited, annotated and corrected manuscripts as well as print-edition textbooks for the subjects German and Maths and was involved in various stages of development and production. I did, moreover, write exercises and texts for print books as well as online products. Having thus gained professional insight and skills from one part of the publishing industry, I am convinced that broadening my theoretical knowledge and being taught how to navigate other areas such as marketing, design and digital production at the University of Stirling will aid me immensely in finding my place in the diverse and exciting world of publishing.

There appears to exist a specific kind of magic surrounding publishing that drew me in just as quickly as the whimsical world of fairy tales did when I was a child. Pursuing a career in publishing and being a student at the University of Stirling is, therefore, hopefully the beginning of my Happily Ever After.

You can find me on:

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Federica Fiorillo – MLitt in Publishing Studies 2018/19

November 7th, 2018 by Federica_Fiorillo | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Federica Fiorillo – MLitt in Publishing Studies 2018/19
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I came out as a bookworm at the age of 8.

The real surprise for anyone who kept feeding books to the avid reader of a child I was, though, came when I declared I loved spotting mistakes on the page and correcting them. A bunch of years later, I found myself editing friends’ dissertations and cocooning a passion for footnotes and technicalities.

Becoming an editor has been my constant objective during my years of college in Italy; getting a MA in Classics helped me develop a keen eye on details and great mental flexibility. Moving to Scotland was a dream I had been nurturing for years, so the MLitt in Publishing at the University of Stirling seemed like the perfect next step.

I find nothing more exciting than the publishing industry, and I do believe that the printed book has not by far run out of allure – even though I appreciate e-books and any digital format that is around. You never know what author or story will change somebody’s life, but you can be sure that ink and paper still have a lot of difference to make in this world, and I definitely want to be part of it. Visionary and possibly rebellious publishers have always been my lifelong inspiration and influence, and I consider irony the most powerful tool humans have.


I drench my days with coffee, I never miss the chance to have a laugh, and I tweet about it. So far so good.

Meet some of our current and recent students on our programmes:

Callum Spoor, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2018-2019

November 6th, 2018 by Callum_Spoor | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Callum Spoor, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2018-2019

I remember the first time I could not put down a book. It was Sebastian Faulks beautiful novel Birdsong. I had read it at the ripe old age of 16 and this was the first time I had truly been entranced by a book. Up until that point of my life, English to me had simply been something I was good at. Outside of History, no subject had really grabbed my attention until that fateful book. In the weeks following I was encouraged to read more and more, breezing through Sarah Waters’ Tipping the Velvet, Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus and The Bloody Chamber. Even the mandatory books to cover for my coursework and exams (Macbeth and Frankenstein) had me enthralled.

Thanks to my academic studies, I had not just achieved qualifications but gained something more valuable – a passion. Now when looking ahead towards a lifelong career, it feels fitting that I would enrol in my current Publishing Studies course. In many ways it feels like the next step in my life, having gone from excelling at English throughout secondary school to completing an undergraduate course in English Studies and my other passion, History, at the University of Stirling.

I have always wanted to enjoy whatever career path I decide to venture down. Having found myself in employment since the age of 14, enjoyment would certainly not be the most appropriate description of my feelings towards my working environment. Despite still being very early into this course, I feel a sense of belonging as well as, for the first time in my life, a true sense of direction and a passion for what I do. I look forward to taking advantage of the opportunities afforded to me through various internships and the other gateways this course can provide for me. I know for a fact I made the right choice to continue my studies here at Stirling University.

You can find me on:


Twitter: @CallumSpoor


Meet some of our current and recent students on our programmes:

Alexandra Sautois, MLitt Publishing Studies 2017-18

February 21st, 2018 by Alexandra Sautois | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Alexandra Sautois, MLitt Publishing Studies 2017-18

Coming from France implies loving drinking wine and eating cheese. It is part of French identity. However it is not for me. I am an original; but I think everybody makes the world original. This is the reason why I chose Publishing.

I like the power of imagination. It turns people’s lives into other possibilities. Million possibilities contained on shelves. I discovered it when I was teenager and I wanted to be part of this creation. Allow new authors to find their readers, bring new titles on shelves and market them.

So, I took my bravery and my ideas to apply in Publishing Studies, first in France and later, here in the University of Stirling. Everything is different in Scotland and in the United Kingdom; it opens my eyes on new horizons for books.

I worked in independent companies most of the time, from a children book publisher, Bulles de savon, to the well-known bookshop Mollat. I copy-edited and proofread from high school, strangers on the web and friends, I got involved in various book fairs and I participated in the production of different titles. With Bulles de savon, the communication and the production was my principal work. My internship in Rebelle was more focused in production of various adult fiction, like Sci-Fi or thriller. Different experiences but enriching for me.

When I am not spending my Sunday reading with hot chocolate, I go hiking around especially while I am in Scotland. I have various other sport activities, and it helps to clear my mind, to think differently. Photography is an art I practice too because it is full of possibilities like books. I love dogs, regardless I am surrounded by cat lovers, even in my own family!

I hope one day I would work in a children’s publishing house in Canada. I built long years ago this dream, and I wish it became true like the Rapunzel one.

Meet some of our current and recent students on our programmes:

Sarah Boyd, PhD in Publishing Studies

February 21st, 2018 by Sarah Boyd | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Sarah Boyd, PhD in Publishing Studies
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Working Title: The Publishing Industry in the Digital Fiction Ecosystem

Topic: My research looks at the position of the publishing industry in the emerging field of digital fiction. I am examining the history and current state of legacy publishers’ engagement with digital technology as a creative tool, and comparing this to other major sectors in the field (electronic literature, videogames and fan fiction). By doing so I hope to gain an understanding of where the publishing industry can best situate itself in this area of literary production.

Research interests: electronic literature; digital publishing; publishing studies; creative communities; online publishing; social media; videogames; fan fiction.


Dr Simon Rowberry (Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication)

Professor Claire Squires (Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication)

Scholarships: Carnegie PhD Scholarship


Sarah on Twitter: @seviebee
Sarah on LinkedIn
Sarah on


Meet some of our current and recent students on our programmes:

Chenchen Li, MLitt Publishing Studies 2017-18

December 18th, 2017 by Chenchen Li | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Chenchen Li, MLitt Publishing Studies 2017-18
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I had internships in a publishing house,  marketing department of a property company, and a news organization. The experience of the publishing house was amazing. I, fortunately, participated a significant project in the first month. In fact, I just did some chores and observed how editors make the series. Although working on the edge was easier than the other parts, I still felt very tired because the time is very urgent. What I remembered best was that I was unable to finish the proofreading so the progress of the project was delayed. The editor asked me do I still want to be an editor after such busy practice. I got depressed but replied “yes”. The series got an award seven months later, at that moment, I felt proud of as if I was the commissioning editor.

When I graduated in the Bachelor Degree of Editing, all of the students including me were busy at the job market. There is a gap between me and publishers’ requirements. And they prefer postgraduates joining their company. Most of my classmates set their goal to finding job successfully. Thereby they leave the publishing industry to find another job. I was confused. I do not want to give up working in the publishing industry. At that time, the professor introduced me the University of Stirling to get a self- improving so I study here now. The first study experience in a foreign country is really an adventure, although my academic writing often frustrates me. So far I keep positive to face the life in Stirling. The courses of MLitt in Publishing brought a new perspective to me. The trend of self-publishing makes the industry more complicated. I am fascinated by the changing industry. I hope I can create some value in the industry in the future.

Meet some of our current and recent students on our programmes:

Fiona Logan, MLitt Publishing Studies 2017-18

December 18th, 2017 by Fiona Logan | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Fiona Logan, MLitt Publishing Studies 2017-18
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I am excited about the prospect of being able to contribute to the production of books. Back when I was a little girl my Dad used to read to me every single night in the hopes that I would become as obsessed with books as he was. My favourite of the books he read to me was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe written by the wonderful C.S. Lewis. That was the first book that seriously got me hooked and it certainly was not the last. There’s just something enchanting about books that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Therefore, like a true bibliophile, I thought the best undergraduate course for me would be English Literature (with Journalism Studies). Whilst I was studying I questioned what kind of job I would like after I graduated. I knew that I did not want to be a teacher so I gave journalism a go and interned at The Scottish Sun. That wasn’t for me. Then I saw that the University of Stirling had a Publishing MLitt course and I knew that was what I wanted to do. Having studied the course for over almost two months now, I know that I have made the right decision.

I am thoroughly enjoying the course and I am learning a lot, so although I thought I would definitely go into Editorial before I started the course, that could well change as the likes of marketing, design and production have also caught my eye. My family and friends have used me as their unpaid proofreader for years so I am gravitating towards a proofreading role as then I would at least be getting paid to do something I’ve been doing free for years now.

I am getting involved in as many things as I can: attending book fairs, book launches, SYP events, and I am keeping up to date with internship opportunities.

You can find me on:
My LinkedIn

My Twitter


Meet some of our current and recent students on our programmes:

Marija Katiliute, MLitt Publishing Studies 2017-18

December 18th, 2017 by Marija Katiliute | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Marija Katiliute, MLitt Publishing Studies 2017-18
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After starting high-school in Scotland (I’m originally from Lithuania) at around the age of fifteen, I was in a constant learning mode. Trying to fit into a new environment, improve my English and make new friends took a toll on my reading habits. A few years later, I went to study Film and Media at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, which seemed right to me as it fit in with my interests at the time. Once I’d graduated, I was overwhelmed by the question that so many of us have after university: what do I want to do now? In the end, it took me two years to finally figure out I wanted to go into publishing.

During that period, I took a job at Caffe Nero which gave me a career path to focus on. I’m glad I did, as I got a chance to be the guest editor for our UK-wide employee newsletter in July this year and learn about the publishing processes, whilst also getting management experience as a shift leader/assistant manager in the shop.

The time I spent away from studying gave me more freedom to read and find my passion for books again after what I will call “a decade-long reading hiatus”. So, with this new-found interest in publishing, I started doing research on the industry and decided to continue with further education in Stirling.

The course has so far taught me so much about publishing and the opportunities available. Outside of studying, I’ve already managed to snag a place as a shadow panel judge for the Saltire Society, and I’m on the conference committee with the SYP. I was also offered a two-week work placement at Penguin Random House, which starts at the end of November. I have never worked so hard and enjoyed myself at the same time!

Currently, I’m interested in marketing and production roles, as they seem most suited to the skills I have. But there’s still so much to learn about publishing, and I think this course will be just the thing I need.

Find me on Twitter, Bookstagram, personal Instagram and LinkedIn.

Meet some of our current and recent students on our programmes:

Sara Amateis, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2017-18

December 18th, 2017 by Sara Amateis | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Sara Amateis, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2017-18
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The first time I asked my parents to buy me a book they were of course a little bit skeptical about the fact that I really wanted to read it, and, as all the parents do with their children, they said “Do you know that if we buy it you’ll have to read it, right?”. I still remember which book it was. It was a children’s book, so it wasn’t long, but I was little and by the time we went back home I had already finished it. I really think that from that moment my life changed. Some years after that episode I was very interested in a series of children’s novels, but I wasn’t still able to search for info about them on the internet (things weren’t as handy as they are today) and I wasn’t sure if sooner or later the next book in the series would have come out. I was sad, and my dad kept telling me that probably the sequel would never have come out. One night, during a celebration in my city, I entered a bookshop (open until late for the occasion) with my parents and, illuminated by a flash of light, there it was! I started crying, and on the way home I fell asleep hugging my book. These are only two episodes in my life connected to books, but I think they can clearly explain why, when I had to choose what to study for my Masters I chose Publishing. If it hadn’t been for books I wouldn’t have travelled through time and space as I did and I still do, living incredible adventures and very intense emotions, and now I’ve the chance to be part of the process that gives other people the possibility to live of all that.

Before deciding to follow this path I graduated in Cultural Heritage (Archaeology, Art History, Archival and Library Sciences) at the University of Torino (Italy), following a program that allowed me to acquire knowledge mainly about History, Art and Literature, all things that, I believe, can be useful to me even working in Publishing.  I haven’t decided which area of the Publishing industry I want to work in yet, but this University is giving me the opportunity to learn a lot of things about all the aspects of the Publishing world. At the moment what I know is that being part of the creative process of a book is amazing! When (last year) I started looking for  information about the University of Stirling I knew that this was the right choice for me: I’ve always been completely in love with Scotland, the campus in Stirling is astonishing and the program is very well organized, offering a complete view on the Publishing industry with very practical modules. So, you see… easy choice!

Find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.