Clémence (Clem) Moulaert MLitt Publishing Studies 2013-14

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My name is Clémence (Clem for short, and because most people pronounce my name wrong). I am Belgian born and raised and did my BA Creative Writing & English Literature at the London Metropolitan University. I decided to do an MLitt Publishing Studies at Stirling because it seemed to me the best way to learn all about making a successful career in publishing. And we have a lake. And a castle. So there.

Books were everywhere in my house when I was growing up. (We even kept some in the bathroom. Tintin was a huge favourite for bathroom breaks.) Harry Potter got me into fantasy when I was 7, I decided I would become a writer when I was 8 (and promptly wrote some very cringe-worthy short stories), became a huge LOTR fan when I was 11, and sometime in my second year of my undergraduate degree started correcting all my friends in class until someone told me, ‘Maybe you should just become an editor, you’re a grammar Nazi anyway.’ And that sprouted a little idea in my mind.

I love fiction, from children’s to literary and even teen fiction (nothing wrong about enjoying some Twilight every once in a while). I write a vegan baking and cooking blog called The Vegan Cookie Fairy (and if you’re nice, I’ll share some yummy desserts with you.) I love cats and period dramas and knitted jumpers and yoga, but I promise I’m not too much of a hippie.

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