Dana Peters, MLitt in Publishing Studies, 2013-14

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Hello! My name is Dana Peters and I just started my journey with the MLitt in Publishing Studies program.

The road toward traveling from California, USA all the way to Stirling, Scotland was a long one. My BA in European History from the University of California, Santa Cruz could take me in a great number of directions, but what I really had a passion for was books. Reading any kind of book, even textbooks, was a joy. Books have always been a constant friend in my life.

Working in the publishing field feels like the right decision. The University of Stirling‘s MLitt in Publishing Studies sounded like a dream come true, especially for someone whose major editing experience extended as far as making story corrections for friends.

I’m looking forward to learning more about this rapidly changing industry and gaining the skills I need to thrive in the publishing industry. This is a big chapter in my own story and one I hope to make the most of.

If you’re interested in following my journey, I am now on Twitter.