Elise J Guay, MLitt Publishing Studies 2012-2013

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My journey began in the states at a university called Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. I was studying American Studies with a minor in Creative Writing when my junior year (third year) came around and it was time to decide where to study abroad- an earned right for upper classmen. My three options because of the limited nature of my major were Stirling University, Edinburgh University, and a university way down in Sydney, Australia. I had to choose one and deep down I knew Sydney wasn’t the place for me, and having always been on a campus setting, being in the city at Edinurgh was scary to me. Univerity of Stirling was the right fit, so this Goldilocks packed 50 pounds of luggage and made the trip over, fully intending to go home after four months.

I arrived in February of 2010 and haven’t left, excpet for holidays of course! After being here a little short of a month I was already looking into transferring. I got all my paperwork in and sorted out my visa, and was ready to complete my undergraduate degree. I graduated in June 2012, and 2 years in Scotland just didn’t seem enough for me so I applied for my Masters. At first, I had the same attitude that I had while transferring which was if I get in, that’d be great, if not then maybe it’s time to go home- which I quickly discovered was a survival mechanism to keep myself calm during the process. But, as the summer wore on and it got closer to the acceptance date, I became more and more nervewracked. When I finally got my acceptance letter, I screamed so loudly I woke my flat mate up. I’m looking forward to the prospects and the doors that doing this course will open for me.

I actually have been writing my own book for about two and a half years now. The title is Fledgling. I have my own website so feel free to have a look! {Beatha. Gaol. Sgriobh} It is entirely set in Scotland and was inspired by my study abroad semester. Coming here gave me a new sense of creativity and this is the brain child of that creativity.