Emily Ferro, MLitt. in Publishing Studies 2012-2013

November 4th, 2012 | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Emily Ferro, MLitt. in Publishing Studies 2012-2013

For a majority of my undergraduate career I thought that there is a universal code that an English Literature major must graduate and become a teacher. Given this thought, you can imagine how terrified I was when I got in front of a class of students and I realized that it was not right for me. It wasn’t until I began editing in my school’s writing centre that I really settled on the path towards my future career.

During school I got a small taste of publishing from various different places. I wrote often, from writing creatively on my own time to writing for newspapers and newsletters. I edited both academic and journalistic work, and also helped design my university’s art and literary journal. So, for years literature and design have been all around me.

During my Junior year, I chose to study abroad at St. Clare’s international school in Oxford, UK. I had many oportunities to travel during my time in Oxford, and one weekend in September I found my way onto a bus to Scotland and fell in love with the country at first sight. When my tour bus drove through Stirling, I was hooked, and knew that one day I would return, I had just not quite figured out how.

As I was finishing up my BA in English Literature at Salve Regina University in the United States, it seemed as though a little bit of luck and fate led me to the website for the University of Stirling’s publishing program. Given my love of reading, writing, design, and editing, I have yet to find an aspect of publishing that I foresee myself being unhappy doing. As for now, I am excited to take in all the new experiences that I will come across at the University of Stirling. Here’s to a new adventure.