Fanny Schmidt: MLitt Publishing Studies 2013-14

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Hiya, I am Fanny. Originally a born and bred Berliner, I am now entering my fifth year in Stirling, after I graduated from my honours in English and Film this summer.

I have been reading since the moment someone explained to me how to do it and apart from a couple of setbacks (my owl must have gotten lost when crossing the channel because I am still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts), I never regretted spending all of my allowance on reading material in all its variations.

I have a lot of feelings about books – good or bad, classic or guilty pleasure, I have an opinion about them all and I will tell you why Jane Austen is the best and why Mills & Boon can actually teach you a lot about how to recognise good writing and editing regardless of genre.

But most importantly, books change lives. If I had to come up with the shortest possible explanation why I love them and why I want to work in publishing, these words would be it. Books make us think, laugh, cry, argue, love, fangirl, talk, evolve, and – most importantly – they make us read more. Books connect humanity through the ages and I think it is our duty as human beings to maintain and expand this link.

However, as a film buff and a radio person, I do believe that publishing needs to embrace new technologies and strengthen its link with already established other media forms, which is why I continue to be part of the University’s radio station and its book club.

I also tweet (mainly about films and the Eurovision Song Contest) and try my best to be a grown up on LinkedIn .