Helene Bjørndal Fosse, Publishing (MLitt) 2016-17

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profilepic-uni This picture was taken on an extremely rare day in Bergen, Norway. It was sunny and only partly cloudy. We were all in shock, and I would bet money about 80% of the population of Bergen were out taking a profile picture that day. If you see a photo of someone from Bergen and it’s sunny, it will most likely have been taken on the same day as this. Because it rains all the time. And when I say rain, I don’t mean your pesky little Scottish showers. I mean full on take-the-roof-off-your-house, 24 hour, weeklong monsoons. And yes, I am Norwegian so therefore I ski (on the few days it doesn’t rain that is). We all do, the stereotype is true. If I hear one more Viking joke however, I will signal the longboats, so help me God.

I did my undergraduate degree, English Studies, at the University of Stirling and I just could not get enough of the place, so decided to stay for my postgraduate degree as well! I’m currently the resident Stirling expert within my newfound friend group at the Stirling Publishing (MLitt) course, so if you are wondering which buses go where, I’m your girl.

The decision to do a masters was an easy one, mainly because the prospect of trying to find a job with a BA (Hons) in English Studies and no clue what to do with it was just too much to handle. I can’t remember exactly what made me go in for publishing, but I know the idea has been at the back of my mind for the past two years, so I went with it. I also don’t know what made me go for English Studies… there’s just something about books that I obviously cannot resist.

Other than that, I love candles, hot water bottles and generally keeping warm. Thermals are always on my Christmas wishlist. I have about 80 million scarves and I knit (mainly socks, hats, slippers, and other things that will keep me warm). Christmas starts in October. That’s just how it is. If I could live on cheese alone, I would. I would also go so far as to class cheese as one of my hobbies – just above knitting and just below ballet.

PS: the dog in the photo is not mine! It’s an evil little thing and I don’t really like it. Love all other dogs and animals generally, though. Just not this one.