Jingyun Wu, MSc in International Publishing Management 2012-13

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With an excellent academic record, I was admitted into Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, majoring in Printing Engineering. Its high teaching quality and rich research atmosphere has created many opportunities for my personal growth and academic studies in 2008. By learning compulsory modules, such as Introduction to Printing, Image Processing and Plate-Making Technology, Introduction to Printing Device, Principle of Printing, Post-press Technology, TV Directing and Editing, Fine Arts, Photography and Original Preparation, etc, I have established a solid academic foundation. With my painstaking efforts, I ranked the top 2 in my class. As a good return for my outstanding performance, I was honorable awarded the Three Goods Student, the Third-class Scholarship, the Second-class Scholarship, the First-class Scholarship respectively. And I also obtained the ISO9000 Quality Management System Internal Auditor Qualification Certificate. Meanwhile thanks to my teachers, they not only taught my professional knowledge, but also cultivated my independent thinking and problem solving ability.

The education I received in our university benefited me a lot. I developed adequate proficiency in theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The study of English language has developed proficiency in listening, speaking, writing, reading and translation which will allow me to actively participate in further higher education in the U.K. In my spare time, I also read lots of books including Publishing Regulations, Toward Media, British and American Media Collection, Fundamentals of Communication, Journalism and Communication and so on. Additionally, I also served as Secretary of the Youth League Branch Committee in my class, and I have done lots of work for my classmates.

In order to put theoretical knowledge into practice and accumulated related working experience to enrich myself, in summer 2011, it was my great honor to have the opportunity to do an internship in Jiangxi Academic Publishing House for about two months. As intern editor, I was in charge of editing and proofreading. During this period, I have a certain understanding of publishing industry. Directed by experienced colleagues, I gained not only extra-curriculum theoretical knowledge but also some valuable hands-on experience. Meanwhile I widened my professional prospective, mastered interpersonal skills and well developed teamwork spirit.

Then I applied for the University of Stirling and have became aĀ postgraduate student in International Publishing Mangement. I have the opportunity to widen and deepen my understanding and recognition in this domain, I appreciate it very much. I find that this program has a reputation for academic excellence. The course arrangement and teaching mode of my school attracts me deeply. After graduation from this university, I hope to come back and work as editor, and do preparation for my long term aim to have my own publishing house in the future.