Johan Sheridan, MLitt Publishing Studies, 2015-16

September 24th, 2015 | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Johan Sheridan, MLitt Publishing Studies, 2015-16

7fae1b4f-dd06-48c2-8ae3-3ba799f0292aBorn in England to international parents who raised me in New Jersey, I at first eschewed higher education. I moved to New York the day after high school graduation in order to run a business with my childhood friends. My abilities as a writer allow me to broadcast any message with pinpoint precision, and my dedication to executing every assignment thoroughly, quickly, and gladly ensures that I am always an asset. Even so, my greater strengths lie in supporting others as an advocate or editor.

Dedicated and passionate about literary expression, I have freelanced as a writer, editor and designer for individual clients, creative offices, and marketing agencies in San Diego, New York, and remotely. I have worked in-house in roles ranging from Copy Editor and Production Assistant to Office Manager and Creative Director. My professional experiences have honed well my skills as a communicator and designer, and I feel just as at ease with massive, intricate projects as I do with daily minutiae. Aggressively detail-oriented, I thrive under pressure, providing vital support by identifying and solving those problems others tend to overlook. I count myself lucky whenever met with the opportunity to train, mentor, or learn from fellow writers and artists. I unfailingly offer and elicit thoughtful, constructive and direct feedback (a euphemism for “aggressive criticism”), especially wherever literary devices, figurative language, or overarching structure are concerned. I consistently facilitate fantastic results through polishing, tightening, and elevating the works of others.

With a passion for syntax and an eye for design, I have gleefully internalized even the most obscure of grammar points in American English. Pushing myself to hone my skills, I’ve developed proficiency in software platforms like Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and Google Drive through a blend of formal education, on-the-job training, and self tutoring. I call myself a writer, having earned my bachelor’s degree in English with minors in Creative Writing and Journalism, and my resume boasts diverse experience in graphic design, advertising, customer service, management, teaching, editing and writing. Armed with webdesign fundamentals and a precise, distinctive style, I cultivate creative, exciting, and thoughtful websites, promo, press, short stories, periodicals, social media, academic papers, and instruction manuals, as well as meticulous reporting of corporate election results, financial statements, meeting agendas, and more. Et cetera. That part was so boring.

Used to the pressures of an environment that expects my best on a daily basis, I demand of myself consistency, authenticity and innovation, and my strength lies in my versatility. The breadth of my interdisciplinary background allows me to improvise easily, applying my dogged work ethic to every task.