Karen Raith, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2010-11

December 21st, 2010 | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Karen Raith, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2010-11

My undergraduate was in English and Scottish literature, at University of Edinburgh.  No matter how much I travel, I always return to this city.  This was a big factor in choosing to study at Stirling, because it meant I could still live in Edinburgh, and be close to my friends and employer.  However, this of course was not the only reason.  Stirling has a great reputation in academic excellence, and Alison Scott (Postgraduate Secretary) was fantastic at communicating about the course. I decided to pursue Publishing due to my love of literature, especially Scottish, post-colonial and Victorian.  Publishing also interests me due to the creative process.  I really enjoy the editorial classes, learning more about design techniques and the history of the industry.  However, I didn’t realise how interested I was in marketing until studying here.

So far, it has been interesting, engaging and the practical work is valuable.  Writing this profile does begin to feel like what I assume an on-line dating application would be like – so, I’m an Aquarius, who likes long walks on the beach, travelling, pretty things, Christian Slater, and am a little freaked out when people baby-talk to small children.

Karen Raith