Lina P. Langlee, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2012-2013

January 13th, 2013 | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Lina P. Langlee, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2012-2013

My interest in books was evoked during summer holidays when I was six or seven years old. This was the summer when I discovered the Nancy Drew series, and consequentially pestered my father to read several of the novels out aloud for me. I was stuck in the world of literature, and have been ever since.

I am originally from Sweden but decided to move to Scotland to further my studies. There is nothing that makes you want to stay in with your books more than the Scottish weather! I did my Undergraduate at the University of Glasgow, where I graduated with a First in ‘Business & Management/ Comparative Literature’.  This joint honours, despite being a bit of a mouthful, sums up my interests quite well. And, I figure, what better way to mix business and literature – business and pleasure if you will- than with entering the world of publishing?