Marian Robb, MLitt Publishing Studies 2014-16 (part time)

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IMG_20151013_135351Hi. I’m Marian and I’m in my second year of the MLitt in Publishing Studies. My undergraduate degree is a MA from Glasgow University and I also have a PGDip in Information and Library Studies from Strathclyde University. I worked in a mix of university and college libraries before taking up a permanent post with the railway, as a Records Officer. A few years down the line (pun not intended), I swapped the records management for baby management and consequently quite a different role altogether. However, the babies have grown a lot, the house seems to get smaller every year and I decided it was time to gain some new skills and knowledge and go back to university. After spending a lot of time on the internet, checking out various courses, I found myself returning to the Stirling publishing degree as it just seemed the most appropriate to complement my previous qualifications and also open up some whole new opportunities.


I’m possibly one of the few students who hasn’t joined the MLitt in publishing because they love books. If this sounds like absolute sacrilege to anyone, be assured I love reading a good book as much as anyone, it just wasn’t my reason for applying to this course! Children’s literature is what I really love best. Nothing to do with having kids of my own. I’ve always loved children’s books, even before Harry Potter made it both fashionable and acceptable. Guilty secret is now out in the open but at this point I must quote C.S Lewis who said “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.” I just couldn’t agree more. I can remember one summer holiday when I was about nine, discovering boxes of books hidden in a cupboard that had belonged to my older siblings. I happily settled down with them and was totting up around two or three books a day until my elder sister (assigned with the enviable task of looking after me) “cracked.” I was thrown out into the garden minus sun protection and ordered to soak up a few rays. Clearly she thought that a good dose of Scottish sunburn was a far healthier pursuit for me than immersing myself in the exploits of the Famous Five. How wrong she was. I still dislike excessively hot days (and sunburn) but my enjoyment of children’s books is here to stay.


I’m also a wildlife lover and strongly support the conservation of indigenous species. Scotland is of course a fantastic place to see birds and animals in their natural environment as we still have many beautiful landscapes. However, like everywhere else, many species and their habitats are still under threat. If I could combine a career in publishing with helping to protect our wildlife I would be extremely happy.
Just to finish, here are a few more random things about me which spring to mind as I write. I love deserted beaches, particularly on the west coast of Scotland and conversely I can’t resist a traditional British seaside resort. I love interesting buildings, particularly those from a different era and hate to see them left in disrepair. I love chocolate, cups of tea, the occasional coffee and musicals. I really want to own a retro VW camper van but can’t afford one, so I keep entering competitions in the hope that I’ll win one instead. I love heading off on holiday with my family and wish we could do it a lot more. Hence the campervan on the wish list. Incidentally, I do like sunny days but just in a cooler, Celtic sort of way!