Michaela Strachan, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2014-2015

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   My name is Michaela. I’m a recent undergrad from the University of Strathclyde. In 2013, I graduated in English and History with a BA (Joint HONS). I grew up travelling to various places abroad with lengthy plane journeys spent carrying armfuls of books. Reading and learning from writers I had never experienced before are the few constants throughout my life. From the Beatrix Potter books I was raised with to my expansion into the works of J.G Ballard, Angela Carter, Ian Fleming, and many others, my bookshelf was always the first thing to be packed and the first unpacked. It’s from these trips and interests that I decided upon pursuing publishing.

   After my first degree, I hoped to find a course which blended together theory and practice. One that took advantage of the things I enjoyed most, and what I was passionate about learning about. While I still get buried in historical theory and debate, Publishing is an area which I’m eager to participate and learn more about.

  Currently, I’m looking ahead to future internships and the experience I can gain from them. For more thoughts, updates and information look to my LinkedIn and follow my twitter account, @Strachan_M.