My journey to the London Book Fair 2016

April 20th, 2016 | Posted in Blog | Comments Off on My journey to the London Book Fair 2016


This is a really exciting experience in my publishing studies journey. I went to London Book Fair which held at Olympia Exhibition Center in April 12, 2016. It is my first time to go to this grand annual exhibition. I heard about this event before I came to the United Kingdom. This is a book fair which is attended by many publishers. I saw various exhibitors in London Book Fair. There are not only paper book publishers but also digital books publishers. E-book or printed book is always a big issue. I saw the e-book market developed rapidly, but at the same time, the printed book market cannot be replaced.

I was very proud when I found there are lots of Chinese publishers taking part in this activity.  I was so exciting to see so many discussions and seminars performing everywhere in this book fair. This is a good experience to see publishers who come from different companies to communicate their ideas with each other.  I hope that I will be one of them in the future. It was my great pleasure to see Professor Yu Dan talking about Shakesperience at the exhibition. She is a very famous scholar in China. I am very proud to be able to see my own country’s scholars in such a grand exhibition. The London Book Fair let me learn a lot. As a future publisher,  I love this area more. In this activity, I feel the rapid142222945727227001 development of the publishing market and our Chinese position in the publishing industry is an increasing trend. More and more exports and imports illustrate everything. As we all know, the United Kingdom is a great publishing power. I hope that in the future, China will have more trade with Britain on publishing industry. Let the people of these two countries see more excellent products.