Sasipa Jirasuktaveekul, MLitt in Publishing Studies, 2010-2011

December 15th, 2010 | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Sasipa Jirasuktaveekul, MLitt in Publishing Studies, 2010-2011

I am an international student from Thailand with an Architecture undergraduate degree and background in publishing company. I found the MLitt in Publishing Studies at University of Stirling, which covers complete aspects of publishing process, will benefit my further career in publishing business so I decided to broaden my experience here.

The program contains both historical and current issues of publishing in the UK and global scale. It also gives some clues about what it is going to be in the future. Teaching staff are very experienced and lectures are up-to-date. They are enable me to see the bigger picture of publishing business both development and problem which are happening in my country. Visiting speakers from wide variety parts of the business give me interesting perspectives as well.

The study environment is very international. I meet people from different places with different backgrounds around the world. I learn not only publishing knowledge but also various cultures and languages. (I have tried many international foods from friends.) Moreover, the university is incredibly beautiful. The calm and natural atmosphere support my concentration in study and improve my health.

As a writer and publisher, I discover many benefits from the program. I am please to say that studying here is valuable experience in my life.