Showcasing our Publishing Projects

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After months of struggling with our publishing projects and various other assignments, it was only fair to celebrate the end of the year by showcasing our work.

And by drinking good wine and socialising of course!

The day started with a Round Table on Publishing Research, including PhD and MRes Publishing students like Maxine Branagh, Paul Docherty, Carol Mango, Rachel Noorda, Anna Kiernan, Stevie Marsden and Louisa Preston, who gave a talk about their respective fields of expertise and about the projects they are undertaking.

The Round Table was chaired by Claire Squires, Director of the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication.

Afterwards we had the chance to admire our publishing projects, while inspirational talks by our peers, Liam Crouse and Laura Jones and by Christoph Chesher were the finishing touch to a delightful day.

 My IMG_2442project is an illustrated collection of my fantasy fiction short stories, titled ‘Tales from the Moon’.

Keisha‘s project is a humorous approach on the teacher’s life and on various funny incidents that could happen inside a classroom.IMG_2432


Alexis project is a compilation of her ‘macabre’ poetry, which contains elements from an anatomy lecture!IMG_2435

Ana created a children’s book in Braille, with riddles that rhyme and with illustrations as the answers.IMG_2438

Fanny, paid a tribute to her beloved Jane Austen by creating an illustrated anthology of the ‘romances the acclaimed author never wrote’.


Aija demonstrated with her project how you can fight post natal depression through the photographic lens.IMG_2450

IMG_2452Clem’s project is a First World War romance novel, written by her, while Laura (Jones) put together a literary tattoo project, full of wonderful pictures.IMG_2456

Jana developed her project as an app; a children’s book about the Arthurian legends.IMG_2460

IMG_2464Rosie created a children’s book as well, one full of flowers and bees!

Min wrote and published poems about autumn, while Lim created a delicious cookery book with Chinese recipes.IMG_2468


IMG_2471Monidipa developed a web magazine about fantasy and sci-fi fiction and Liam created an app with Gaelic poetry.IMG_2474

Vidhya’s project is a travel book about her hometown, Chennai in India.


IMG_2481Laura (Muir), developed a web magazine about tattoos, and lastly Dana created a children’s book starring the most iconic detective of all times, Sherlock Holmes!IMG_2483