Stephanie Quick, MLitt in Publishing Studies, 2011-2012

December 19th, 2011 | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Stephanie Quick, MLitt in Publishing Studies, 2011-2012

After four years of set reading lists structured around eight academic semesters and nearly twenty modules, I finally surfaced from my undergraduate existence with a BA Honours in English Studies, in June 2011. I had hoped my hunger for reading would have been satisfied (exhausted even), but this was not the case. Some may argue however, that having reached for a Stephanie Meyer title hours after submitting my dissertation, I had exhausted a hunger for a certain type of literature (I was simply relieved to read something not laced with hidden metaphorical or contextual meaning). Following a brainstorming session with a careers counsellor I found myself staring at a list of apparent skills and interests, a disorientating list from which I found no vocational direction. A number of peers had mentioned post-graduate courses at the University of Stirling, I reluctantly laid my Meyer hardback aside and ‘googled’ my future. Amidst a dull and overwhelming list of degrees I found my way onto the familiar and safe ‘English Studies’ tab. Despite my background in writing (creative writing has been part of my life from an early age and my dissertation, under guidance of novelist Paula Morris, was comprised of two personal essays) I bypassed the creative writing degree summary and found myself emailing Claire Squires, I was applying for the Publishing Studies Masters course.

Everything from that moment fell into place; it was as if the course requirement and summary had been based on my characteristics brainstorm sheet.

I have been on the course for nearly a term now and have long forgotten the idle ways of an undergraduate student; I am exhausted, balancing a million and twelve things in my head (an extensive ‘to do list’ is crucial) and am no longer able to stroll around a shop without analysing its marketing strategy. I have also never been so motivated and excited to be involved in such an unpredictable and innovative society. With such a diverse but united group of equally driven classmates and tutors to work alongside, I am eager to get stuck into what has already proven to be a stimulating and rewarding course. With each class I find myself unexpectedly fascinated by the many sectors within the industry, whether it’s copyright laws, product design or editorial management. Along with my studies I hope to fit in my favourite past-time; running up hills.