Audio streaming vs downloading, lessons for publishers

December 9th, 2009 by Scott_Russell | Posted in Blog | Comments Off on Audio streaming vs downloading, lessons for publishers
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Science Fiction writer and online activist, Cory Doctorow, has a sound pedigree in advocating freedom of online rights such as net neutrality, copyright and open-source. His latest column for The Guardian is a blistering demolition of the concept that online streaming audio will somehow replace downloading. It’s is an interesting analysis of current music distribution and consumption business models which also touches on many aspects of how modern technology is used by consumers and creators alike. Publishers face the same kinds of issues as record labels – how to adapt to new delivery mechanisms such as the internet and how to generate money from electronic products? As ebooks are just starting to catch on,  publishers need to be careful not to repeat the mistakes of the music and movie industries and assume that technology can be used to control the audience.

Scott Russell