Laura Rountree

Laura Rountree, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2011-2012

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Ask any member of my family and one of the first (useful) things they will tell you about me is my love of reading. Fairy tales, crime novels, biographies…the occasional milk carton, the list just keeps going on. And after four years of an English Studies undergraduate degree, it seems that merely reading the books is not enough!

When I first came to Stirling in 2007, the idea of publishing was still a niggling thought that had never really led anywhere before; however, over the next four years, it soon became clear that this was what I wanted to do and even the intimidating statistics that Suzanne Kavanagh shared recently has not put me off.

Coming from both Northern Ireland and the university itself, one would think that the majority of this experience would be familiar to me, when in fact it is merely the backdrop that is recognisable. The course is a brand new experience which appears daunting at first, but that was part of the reason why I decided to stay and do Publishing Studies in Stirling- the challenge. I’m learning something new every day, from both the tutors and my fellow students.

Getting the chance to spread my creative wings and discover abilities I didn’t know I had is just an added bonus!