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Courtney Murphy, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2014-2015

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cemI am a self-confessed librocubicularist  (n., a person who reads in bed), I am guilty of tsundoka (n. buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up unread on shelves or floors or nightstands), and I take bookshelf organization very seriously (for inspiration check out

I am a dual US-Canadian citizen and I’ve spent most of my life in Virginia and Ontario. I hold a BA (Hons.) in Psychology and Philosophy from Queen’s University at Kingston and an MLitt in Philosophy from the University of Glasgow. After completing my studies in Glasgow I returned to Virginia where I taught Philosophy at Bryant and Stratton College in Hampton, VA and Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. After a few years of lecturing I decided to leave academia and pursue a career in publishing. I leapt and the opportunity to return to Scotland and pursue the MLitt in Publishing here at Stirling. It’s interesting to learn about the process whereby a book goes from a manuscript to a novel on the shelf at Waterstone’s, and it’s great to be surrounded by like-minded people who share the same passion for books and reading.

Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kerry McShane, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2014–15

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McShane Blog Image

It all started with a single book. I couldn’t put it down. Every moment that I could spare, I had that book in my hands. I would watch the clock at work, eager to be back home and immersed in those pages once again. I had never been so affected by a book, but I just couldn’t get enough. That book was Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. The book is notoriously difficult to describe, but it has just about anything you could ever want in a story. Romance, politics, history, action and more—all set in the Scottish highlands, a world away from my home in Ogden, Utah.

I had long dreamed of visiting Scotland, but I suddenly wanted more than a vacation. I wanted to live in Scotland, to be part of it. I know it sounds a bit clichéd, but it really isn’t. I didn’t come here expecting cattle raids, kilts, and haggis as far as the eye could see, but I did expect to find history, peaceful countryside, and kind people. I’ve found everything I expected and more. As a good friend of mine put it, Scotland is magic.

As for how I decided to study publishing, that was mostly by chance. In 2012, I started researching postgraduate offerings at universities across Scotland. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to study, but I wanted something practical to complement my English undergraduate degree. I wanted to study for a master’s that would teach me skills that I could apply directly to a career. As I scrolled through the list of courses on the University of Stirling website, the MLitt in Publishing Studies immediately stopped me. Publishing? Why had I never thought of that before? It was the perfect career to combine my affinity for books and my habit of correcting poor grammar! (Ok, that is a very simplified version of the thoughts running through my mind, but you get the idea.) From that moment, everything I did was in an effort to make it here.

I began by serving as the Editor-in-Chief of my alma mater’s undergraduate research journal.  Then, I changed my course plan to include classes in Adobe programs such as InDesign and Photoshop. But most importantly, I worked as an editorial intern and later as an editorial assistant with Gibbs Smith, Publisher. I can’t recommend that enough. Start internships as early as you can. Not only will it help you decide if publishing is right for you, but it will prepare you for further study better than any amount of reading ever will.

So, after a lot of dreaming, planning and working, I made it. My studies are just as fascinating as the country, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store over the next year. If you’d like to see what I’m up to, you can follow me on Twitter @kerrberr_books.

Emma Brown, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2014-2015

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UntitledHello! I’m Emma and I am from Glasgow, Scotland and I am studying the MLitt Publishing Studies course at the University of Stirling.

I originally did my undergraduate degree at the University of Strathclyde (which is in Glasgow) in English but before the course was even over, I decided that I would like to pursue a career in Publishing. It took a while to decide, but eventually I came to the conclusion the Stirling was the best place to do this, especially for someone whose previous experienced only went as far as to edit friends’ essays and short story pieces!

While I am most interested in entering the Editorial side of the business, I am also intrigued by copyright laws and all the issues that surround it.

I’m looking forwards to seeing how this particular chapter in my life plays out and am excited to learn more about the inner workings of the publishing industry. Given the rapid changes publishing is currently undergoing, it shall certainly be interesting to be a part of the future of publishing and to see what new advances may be made! As Buzz Lightyear may say: “To infinity! And beyond!”

You can follow me on Twitter


Leia Forster, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2014-2015

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 new display brannanHi there! I’m Leia. Upon reaching the final year of my English Studies undergraduate course here at Stirling, I was more than pleased to hear about the MLitt in Publishing Studies that was also offered by the university. I had began looking at my English Studies degree as a foundation on which I should build, and so I jumped at the opportunity to do just that and learn about the industry that had produced the books I had been reading all of my life.

With a particular interest in science fiction and craft publications, I hope to learn about the traditional side of publishing as well as the digital side which seems to be advancing at the same quick pace as the rest of the technological world.

I’m hopeful that this course will give me the skills and knowledge required to play a role in the publishing industry in the future. I enjoyed my first four years here greatly and from what I’ve experienced of the Publishing Studies course so far, I’m sure I’ll enjoy this year too.


Sarah Boyd MLitt in Publishing Studies 2013-15

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Profile 3I love books. But then, everyone who does this course says that, so let’s get a little more detailed. I’ve been a student of literature, with an MA in English Literature and an MLitt in Shakespeare Studies, both from theUniversity of St Andrews. I’ve also been a writer, with a Diploma in Creative Writing from the Open University. Can you sense a theme yet? I don’t just love books, and writing, I love studying books and writing! From both of these experiences, two things became obvious: 1) I get mad at any use of the phrase ‘very unique’ and 2) I am good at analysing texts and helping writers to recognise their strengths and weaknesses. So, having tried my hand at being a scholar and being a writer, I came to the decision that I could be a good and useful publisher and promptly applied to this course to learn how.

I’ve been part-time at the Centre for a year now, so I’ve completed around half of the course and so far I think coming here is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve learned fascinating things about the publishing industry, I’ve met and listened to interesting, passionate publishers and I’ve managed to get some work experience, as a reader for Sandstone Press and for the most recent issue of One Throne Magazine, a new literary magazine. I’m also now assisting in developing a house style sheet for Sandstone, which is a really interesting and exciting opportunity. Finally, I’ve been lucky enough to have an article on Scottish Publishing and Independence published in the journal Logos. It’s been a really good year, here’s to the next one!

Find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Welcome to the Class of 2014-15

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Publishing Studies Students 2014-15 Last week, we welcomed our MLitt and MRes in Publishing Studies students to the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication.

We have students who have come to study with us from all over the world: Andorra, Canada, China, England, Ghana, Kenya, Norway, Spain, Uganda, the US and, of course, Scotland.

We look forward to working with them all over the forthcoming year!

Publishing Showcase 2014

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We’re already nearing the end of classes for 2013-14!

Only a moment ago, our 2013-14 cohort of MLitt in Publishing Studies students were fresh-faced and eager to embark on their publishing studies.

Now, they may be a little more tired, and both excited and intimidated by the job search ahead, but more than anything they’re much more publishing savvy.

We’re celebrating their achievements on Monday 12 May by showcasing their work from the Publishing Project. There will also be invited guests from our Industry Advisory Board, and a selection of our PhD and MRes students speaking in a round table about publishing studies research.

You are welcome to join us to either or both parts of the afternoon – please let us know if you’d like to come so we have an idea of numbers.

3-4.15pm Round Table on Publishing Research (Chaired by Claire Squires, with Maxine Branagh, Paul Docherty, Carol Mango, Rachel Noorda, Anna Kiernan, Stevie Marsden and Louisa Preston). Pathfoot B2

4.30pm onwards Publishing Showcase and Drinks Reception. Pathfoot Crush Hall.

Xiaolin Ma, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2013-14

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Hello, everyone! My name is Lim.I am from China. I am so excited to study Publishing Studies in the University of Stirling. This is my first time to study abroad, and I am very glad to meet you here! My undergraduate major was journalism. But after I read a lot of books and magazines, I found that they were amazing products, so I decided to study how to produce and edit a book or magazine. I am so interested in the content, color, cover and the production  process of books or magazines. I really hope that such a wonderful book or magazine is produced by myself. So I really want to have a chance to know and study Publishing Studies.

Even though e-books are much more popular in recent years, I am still keen on paper books. Paper books are traditional format books, and only when I hold a paper book in my hand can I feel that I am reading a real and wonderful book. Through studying publishing in University of Stirling, I hope that I can do my best to attract more and more people to read paper books. And I also believe that paper books will not disappear.

As far as I know, the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication is a leading institute in the field of Publishing among European universities. It provides a comprehensive and coherent approach to all aspects of publishing. I am convinced that I will obtain more and more information and knowledge in the University of Stirling.

Fanny Schmidt: MLitt Publishing Studies 2013-14

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Hiya, I am Fanny. Originally a born and bred Berliner, I am now entering my fifth year in Stirling, after I graduated from my honours in English and Film this summer.

I have been reading since the moment someone explained to me how to do it and apart from a couple of setbacks (my owl must have gotten lost when crossing the channel because I am still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts), I never regretted spending all of my allowance on reading material in all its variations.

I have a lot of feelings about books – good or bad, classic or guilty pleasure, I have an opinion about them all and I will tell you why Jane Austen is the best and why Mills & Boon can actually teach you a lot about how to recognise good writing and editing regardless of genre.

But most importantly, books change lives. If I had to come up with the shortest possible explanation why I love them and why I want to work in publishing, these words would be it. Books make us think, laugh, cry, argue, love, fangirl, talk, evolve, and – most importantly – they make us read more. Books connect humanity through the ages and I think it is our duty as human beings to maintain and expand this link.

However, as a film buff and a radio person, I do believe that publishing needs to embrace new technologies and strengthen its link with already established other media forms, which is why I continue to be part of the University’s radio station and its book club.

I also tweet (mainly about films and the Eurovision Song Contest) and try my best to be a grown up on LinkedIn .

Publishing Research Word Cloud

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Last year’s students have just received the marks back for their dissertations – congratulations to one and all!


This year, we’ve taken the key words from each student’s dissertation and created a word cloud from them. It demonstrates some fascinating trends in contemporary publishing research. There’s a strong interest, of course, in the digital publishing environment, with HTML5, apps, user-generated content, and transmedia storytelling all featuring. Marketing and branding also feature heavily. Additionally, there is emphasis on particular sectors: children’s and crime, for example, as well as a focus on topics relating to our Scottish location (the UNESCO Cities of Literature; Gaelic publishing) and our international outreach (publishing in China and the United States).


The results are intriguing! We’ll do it again next year.