World Book Night

These books fall like dominoes

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World Book Night is coming, and so is a giant domino chain of books!

In honour of World Book Night, and to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication, we will be setting up and knocking down the biggest book domino chain ever to grace the halls of the Pathfoot building at the University of Stirling. The event will be on Monday April 23rd 2012 (of course) between 4 and 4.30pm in the Pathfoot Crush Hall, and we invite you all to come and watch us knock a bunch of books over in a very organised, harmless (to the books) way.

We’d like to give a huge thank you to our contributors for the generous donations and support from publishers, libraries, book trade and reading development organisations, book binders and authors: Floris BooksStirling LibrariesAlban BooksCargo PublishingFreight BooksPublishing ScotlandLinda Cracknell of Best Book BooksBlasted Heath, Hazell Designs BooksCraig RobertsonAlloa Library, The Gaelic Books CouncilReadathon, Saraband Books and Canongate.

If you would like to participate, please email: You can also follow our exploits on Twitter via @stirpublishing and the hashtag #stirbkdominoes

– Alicia Rice

We love books. And domino chains.

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To celebrate World Book Night, a group of us at the Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication have decided to hold a book dominoes event* on April 23rd. The goal is to create the biggest book dominoes event possible, promoting a love of reading, Scottish literature, and Scottish Publishing. Of course, to achieve this lofty goal we need your book donations! We’re looking for any donations, great and small, and we are willing to pick them up by car if necessary. However, they do need to be able to stand up, fall over, and knock other books over. A strange way of judging literature, but there you go…

We’ve already had pledges of books from Alban Books, Cargo Publishing, Freight Books, the Gaelic Books CouncilPublishing ScotlandSaraband Books, and Stirling Libraries (thank you!). Blasted Heath are going to see if they can make their ebooks stand up for us! (Though we think p-books probably win here…)

If you would like to participate, please email: You can also follow our exploits on Twitter via @stirpublishing and the hashtag #stirbkdominoes

We will release details of the event itself closer to the time. If you’d like to come and watch, contact us via the email above.

*We love books, and we promise to love your books, too. No books will be harmed in the making of this event and loaned books will be returned to their respective owners.

– Alicia Rice

World Book Day 2012

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The Bookseller recently reported on developments for World Book Day 2012, which will be taking place on 1 March.

We’re delighted that a graduate of Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication, Kirsten Grant, is leading the developments as WBD’s new director. Before heading the WBD team, Kirsten worked as campaigns director at Penguin Children’s Books. Along with the WBD committee, Kirsten will be implementing lots of exciting plans, including ‘The Biggest Book Show on Earth’ (an event at London’s South Bank with nearly 1000 children), a WBD app, WBD Ambassadors (including Peter Andre), and a tie-in with the Blue Peter Book Awards.

Kirsten commented to The Bookseller: ‘The marketplace has changed a lot since WBD was launched and there hasn’t been a real root and branch overhaul of the initiative for a long time. My aim is to reconnect WBD with today’s consumers. That means reimaging the whole of WBD; what it looks like, what it says to people and how we can get children and adults committed to it.’

World Book Day focuses exclusively on children’s and young adults’ books and reading. World Book Night, to be held on 23 April this year, extends the focus to adults.