The Man Inside the Jacket

January 20th, 2010 | Posted in Blog | Comments Off on The Man Inside the Jacket

It seems a strange concept to explain to anyone unaware of Tayto crisps – an Irish potato crisp company so well established the brand is now recognised unofficially as a signature food of Ireland – by us Irish anyway. Well anyway, on the front of each crisp packet is the figure of a potato dressed in a red coat and top hat who is referred to as Mr. Tayto. The crisp company’s marketing department have, over the years, created quite a character of Mr. Tayto. For example, twThe Man Inside the Jacketo years ago in the lead up to Ireland’s governmental elections Mr. Tayto ran for parliament and last year a nationwide campaign was held to find him a wife. The marketing campaigns are so effective it can sometimes be easy to forget that Mr. Tayto is a fictional character.

But I digress… the intention of this article is to make you aware of the Tayto company’s latest (and brilliant) campaign. In October 2009 Mr. Tayto released a book entitled The Man Inside the Jacket. The book serves as a ‘biography’ of Mr. Tayto’s life. Billboards advertising the book read things like “read all about my wild nights in the sack!”. Out of curiosity I bought the book while at home over Christmas. I found it to be full of funny (often cringe-worthy) puns and innuendos. It is definitely worth the read, purely for the originality of the concept. The marketing strategy undoubtedly worked… in the Christmas sales Mr. Tayto’s The Man Inside the Jacket reached number three on the Irish Times bestsellers list.


Helena O’Leary