Vidhya Venkatasubramanian, MLitt in Publishing Studies, 2013-14

November 26th, 2013 | Posted in Student Profiles | 2 Comments »

Hello! I am Vidhya from India. In my opinion, the most challenging writing is profile creation and here I am doing it. I got my MBA degree from University of Madras and then worked as a human resource executive, a role in which I survived only for a few months. It was after then that I landed up on a job with RR Donnelley. In my two-year stint there, I realized that I was living my dream of working in an ideal environment where my work was in accord with my passion – books, publishing and printing.

My quest continued as a Senior project manager with Kaizen Digital Media, where I had the opportunity to work with Wolters-Kluwer International, an expert content provider for law, tax and accounting. However, that was not sufficient for me and I wanted to enhance my knowledge about the publishing industry on an international scale. So, here I am, pursuing my degree on MLitt in Publishing Studies.

Being a book aficionado from my pre-school days, I have enjoyed reading a wide range of books from comics to the classics of Indian literature. Despite me being an ardent fan of printed books, my focus right now is on the development of digital media, comics, graphic novels and their impact on the readers. I wish to work for a leading digital media company after the completion of my studies.

I love traveling, exploring the beaches, snorkeling, doing yoga and gaming during my leisure time. It has been two months since my arrival in Stirling for a new venture and I am enjoying so far and hoping that it continues with the same momentum.