Xin Su, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2015-16

April 20th, 2016 | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Xin Su, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2015-16

2015-12-10 23.36.01Hey, I’m Xin Su, come from Beijing, China, a country known for its food. I studied at Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, and I was an undergraduate student of Editing and Publishing major. I  never thought about going abroad until I failed the preliminary exam of Chinese postgraduate qualification exam. I was dreaming about to be a  student studying Chinese contemporary literature, but this dream has broken. My mother gave me the braveness to start a new life when I was deeply upset. After that, I decided to go abroad to the UK and experience some brand new perspectives about life, professional knowledge and everything.

I chose Publishing Studies because I want to be a publisher when I graduate (although I love Chinese literature a bit more than publishing), I love books, words and publishing process, all these book-related factors make me feel that I have the power to spread wisdom and make our kind wiser than before. Indeed, as I thought, more challenges and opportunities have appeared when I’m standing on a bigger platform. During my postgraduate studies, I learnt how to analyse strengths and weaknesses of publisher, how to recognize similarity and difference of publishing industry between east and west, and what to improve in the future.

I have some internship experiences in China, but these were all publishing-related  jobs, I had no chance to become a real editor. With this one-year professional publishing training, I feel more confident not only in professional knowledge, but in every aspect. Now I think I am ready for devoting myself into publishing industry and my future career.

For me, publishing is not only a field or a major, it is a bridge between author and reader and a duty of spreading valuable information. Whether I can be a successful editor or not, I will respect publishing and publishers with gratitude.