Yuemeng (Lillian) Feng, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2011-12

January 21st, 2013 | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Yuemeng (Lillian) Feng, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2011-12

My name is Yuemeng Feng. Lillian is my English name.

The major of my undergraduate study is packaging engineering, specialize in packaging printing. After dealing with numbers and experiments for years, I want to have a chance to know what an arts student’s life is like. A teacher of mine graduated from International Publishing Management of Stirling. He speaks very highly of publishing projects here. But the thing attracted me most was a word of program introduction saying: the MLitt program is not only for the professionals of publishing, but also fit for those who want to enter the publishing world for the first time. That’s would be perfect for someone like me who have no prior knowledge of publishing.

I think University of Stirling is really a good choice for me. Teachers are very knowledgeable and kind. And my classmates are very friendly.  I learned a lot about the publishing world. Together with my classmates, I researched different types of bookshops and publishing companies in the UK, learned some basic skills of editing and commissioning editing, knew a lot about the e-book and copyright and acquired much knowledge of project design. In a word I have never regretted traveling 16 hours to study here.