Aileen-E Taylor, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2011-2012

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I’m Aileen and I’m a MLitt Publishing Studies student at the University of Stirling.   I studied Politics and International Relations as my undergraduate degree in Aberdeen.

Through my undergrad degree I never had the foggiest notion of what I wanted to do with my life.  After a couple of years of travelling and working in Australia, I began to seriously think about what I wanted as a career.  After some half hearted career searching I came across this course and well, love at first sight!  I couldn’t believe I never thought of publishing before.  I’d always been known as the family bookworm and while I was growing up I spent most Saturdays in the local library.  Reading and bugging my friends to read this awesome new book I’d just finished has always been my favorite thing to do. While most ‘getting in to publishing’ advice says a love of reading and books isn’t enough of a reason, it’s a good starting point and one the whole class shares.  Before applying for the course, what really piqued my interest in the publishing industry is that it offers a fascinating mix of creativity and business know-how.

The MLitt in Publishing Studies is also a great starting point.  There is a wide range of theory and practical skills being taught to us.  We have weekly guest speakers who talk to us on a variety of areas in publishing.  I am so glad to be here as I know by the time of graduation we will all be well prepared to find that first job.