Alexandra Sautois, MLitt Publishing Studies 2017-18

February 21st, 2018 | Posted in Student Profiles | Comments Off on Alexandra Sautois, MLitt Publishing Studies 2017-18

Coming from France implies loving drinking wine and eating cheese. It is part of French identity. However it is not for me. I am an original; but I think everybody makes the world original. This is the reason why I chose Publishing.

I like the power of imagination. It turns people’s lives into other possibilities. Million possibilities contained on shelves. I discovered it when I was teenager and I wanted to be part of this creation. Allow new authors to find their readers, bring new titles on shelves and market them.

So, I took my bravery and my ideas to apply in Publishing Studies, first in France and later, here in the University of Stirling. Everything is different in Scotland and in the United Kingdom; it opens my eyes on new horizons for books.

I worked in independent companies most of the time, from a children book publisher, Bulles de savon, to the well-known bookshop Mollat. I copy-edited and proofread from high school, strangers on the web and friends, I got involved in various book fairs and I participated in the production of different titles. With Bulles de savon, the communication and the production was my principal work. My internship in Rebelle was more focused in production of various adult fiction, like Sci-Fi or thriller. Different experiences but enriching for me.

When I am not spending my Sunday reading with hot chocolate, I go hiking around especially while I am in Scotland. I have various other sport activities, and it helps to clear my mind, to think differently. Photography is an art I practice too because it is full of possibilities like books. I love dogs, regardless I am surrounded by cat lovers, even in my own family!

I hope one day I would work in a children’s publishing house in Canada. I built long years ago this dream, and I wish it became true like the Rapunzel one.