Children’s Christmas Books 2016

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The Christmas period provides publishers with the opportunity to capture huge Christmas market sales since so many people buy books as presents. Bookshops are quickly filled with snowflake covered book designs and the Christmas spirit is suddenly in full swing. It’s safe to say that the Christmas spirit is captured most successfully in children’s books, as they effortlessly transport us back to our own childhoods. Children’s books are selling better than ever and the publishing industry has produced quite a few charming titles this year.

The Girl Who Saved Christmas – Matt Haig 

the-girl-who-saved-christmasPublished by Canongate, The Girl Who Saved Christmas was written by Matt Haig and is a follow up to his last Christmas book. It’s about a girl called Amelia who starts out wanting to ask Father Christmas for a specific wish but ends up with the mighty task of having to save the spirit of Christmas. Last year Haig published A Boy Called Christmas and his new title is part of a two book deal he now has going with the publisher. A Boy Called Christmas was nominated for Children’s Book of the Year at the British Book Industry Awards. The success of Haig’s first Christmas book will likely encourage people to buy The Girl Who Saved Christmas and signing on the author to write a follow up this year was a pretty clever move made by Canongate. The book will also be available as an audiobook and will be narrated by Carey Mulligan.

The Christmasaurus – Tom Fletcher

the-christmasaurusThe Christmasaurus was published by Penguin Random House and written by Tom Fletcher. Fletcher already had a huge online presence before turning his hand to writing children’s books. He was a former member of the band McFly and has a YouTube channel, which he used to promote the book to thousands of his fans. Fletcher was essentially a publisher’s dream, and was heavily involved in the book’s promotion and consequently, its success. The Christmasaurus is about a boy called William Trundle and his magical Christmas Eve adventure involving a dinosaur. It has been well received so far by critics and parents, and is likely to guarantee Fletcher’s place as a prominent figure in the future of children’s fiction.

Ollie’s Christmas Reindeer – Nicola Killen

ollies-christmas-reindeerPublished by Simon & Schuster Children’s, Ollie’s Christmas Reindeer is possibly one of the most endearing children’s books that’s been published for the Christmas market this year. It’s aimed at younger readers and was illustrated by the author herself. The narrative follows a young girl with a love for reindeer who just so happens to encounter one in the story. It is beautifully illustrated, mainly in black and white with specks of red throughout, giving the book a unique visual appeal. It also has cut-out sections to make it more of an interactive activity for the child reading it. The picture book market has seen a significant rise in sales this year and Ollie’s Christmas Reindeer will likely do well this season given how attractive and unique it is.