Chrysothemis Armefti, MSc in International Publishing Management 2011-2012

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«A book is a window through which we escape», says Julian Green, the famous French-American writer. I feel like I was born among piles of books; in my whole life I have been surrounded by books and literature. I have been an avid reader since the day I learnt to read. Raised in my mother’s bookshop in Cyprus and a house full of my parents’ books, my future was already foreseen. I was gobbling up books like they were candies! And I was growing up with one dream: to become a publisher.

So I followed my love for books and literature from Cyprus to Paris and finally to Stirling! I have a Bachelor in French Literature with a minor in Publishing (Licence Métiers du Livre) and a two-year Master of Research in Lettres, Arts et Pensée Contemporaine with a specialisation in Literature, History, Society where I led a comparative study on the Great War literature and especially the war experience through the writing of authors who participated in the War.

During the last year of my Bachelor I did a three months internship at L’Harmattan Editions as an editorial assistant. At this moment, I am trying to deepen my knowledge on the publishing industry and develop marketing and management skills, pursuing the MSc in International Publishing Management at the University of Stirling. I should underline here that the University of Stirling is the only academic institution proposing a Master of Science in Publishing Management, at least in the UK. That was the main reason that led me to Scotland, among the modern approach in teaching that offers the University of Stirling and its great organization. The course is quite intensive with numerous assignments to accomplish, based on real-life publishers, which are preparing us for a job in the so competitive publishing market.