Fanrong He, MLitt in Publishing Studies 2014-15

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84040b69jw1eh7o7bl7nuj20l00vkgruHello, everyone, My name is Fanrong He and my English name is Amanda, I’m from China.  My undergraduate major was Publishing, and I choose to go on to study this major at the University of Stirling is because I’m really interested in the publishing industry. As we all know, publishing industry in many countries is facing a huge change, from traditional publishing to digital publishing. How to participate in this industry well is a question for many people, and this is the question which I’m interested in.

I like reading books and doing exercise when I’m alone. I prefer reading e-books than paper books. Thanks to an amazing development of technology,  e-books can suit modern life much better. I’m looking forward to gain knowledge about digital publishing and copyright. In my opinion, digital books will be the main stream in the feature while the physical books will still exist.

I have a strong emotions that force myself to do my best, I like the feeling that do very hard working on a certain issue, this makes me feel like I’m fulfilled by positive energy all the time.