Gao Hui (Caroline) MSc in International Publishing Management 2011

March 24th, 2011 | Posted in Alumni | Comments Off on Gao Hui (Caroline) MSc in International Publishing Management 2011

My name is Gao Hui (Caroline), I graduated from the MSc in International Publishing Management subject in January 2011, and then came back to China to find a new job. When I started job hunting, I was full of power, and I could stay in front of my computer all day long, and send hundreds of CV to any publishing related company. I was excited at the very beginning, but after two weeks without receiving any interviews, I lost my confidence and decided to rewrite my CV and optimize it.

Then I got some job interviews, but no offer.

At the beginning of the fourth week of  job hunting, I start to visit some publishing companies with my CV, to introduce myself to the HR manager and some department managers. Finally, I got a position as a web editor in the digital publishing department of China Social Sciences Press.

The technological part of digital publishing is a brand new sector for me, but I’m very interested in digital publications, and also have passion for this rising area of the global publishing industry. Besides, I’ve learned a lot of cutting edge knowledge from the course at Stirling University. I will make effort in this career, and enjoy the happiness of this new adventure!