London Book Fair 30th birthday party with Publishing Scotland

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The Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication was founded in 1982, and so 2012 marks our 30th anniversary.

To celebrate our birthday, we’ve got a number of events planned.

The first takes place at the London Book Fair, where we’ll be joining with Publishing Scotland in the Isle of Arran whisky party. This takes place on Tuesday 17 April from 5.30pm on the Publishers from Scotland stand, H350. Please join us!

If you can’t make the party, please do drop by the stand and say hello or leave us a message, or come to one of our other events at Stirling: the World Book Night Book Dominoes on Monday 23 April, or our Publishing Showcase and Alumni Drinks Reception on Thursday 3 May.

Alternatively, if you can’t join us for any of those, please do join us on our social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). And if you’re one of our alumni, please do consider writing us an alumni profile for our website.

Conny Lenz, MLitt in Publishing Studies, 2010-2011

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Having spent four years in Stirling completing my bachelor’s degree, the decision to continue my education with the MLitt in Publishing Studies course seemed like the natural next step. I loved the diversity in subjects that were taught and the range of aspects, of publishing, that were covered. The course gave me the opportunity to not only expand on my publishing knowledge, but provided me with invaluable work experience through internships and the classes themselves. The Stirling course adapted itself to suit the changes occurring in the publishing industry at present, and the insight into digital publishing gave me the knowledge I needed in order to find my current job.

Although it took me nearly four months, I now work as Publishing Assistant for the Library Reference department at Cengage Learning EMEA in Hampshire, England. I have recently passed my probation and am constantly building upon the knowledge and experience from the MLitt course, which provided me with a firm base and the understanding I needed in order to get to where I am now.

Helena O Leary, MLitt in Publishing Studies, 2009-2010

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I graduated from the Mlitt in Publishing Studies in 2010. I really enjoyed my time in Stirling and found the course to be extremely interesting with a good dose of challenging too! After graduation I moved to New York to complete an Internship with Continuum International Publishers Inc, which I did over 2 months. The addition of practical experience on top of what I had learned on the Mlitt course was invaluable and I enjoyed my time there immensely. When I had completed the internship with Continuum I was offered a job with Pearson Education in New Jersey as an editorial assistant with the music department. A dream job! Unfortunately, due to visa restrictions I was unable to take this position. I am currently living in Bilbao in Northern Spain where I am working part time as an editorial assistant for a leading scientific journal and an international marketing agent for a Spanish business solutions company. The direction my life has taken is full of triumphs and challenges, obstacles and wonderful new experiences. The MLitt. in Publishing Studies gave me direction and a clear sense of career goals but also offered me skills in marketing and design which have proved invaluable in my current position.

World Book Day 2012

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The Bookseller recently reported on developments for World Book Day 2012, which will be taking place on 1 March.

We’re delighted that a graduate of Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication, Kirsten Grant, is leading the developments as WBD’s new director. Before heading the WBD team, Kirsten worked as campaigns director at Penguin Children’s Books. Along with the WBD committee, Kirsten will be implementing lots of exciting plans, including ‘The Biggest Book Show on Earth’ (an event at London’s South Bank with nearly 1000 children), a WBD app, WBD Ambassadors (including Peter Andre), and a tie-in with the Blue Peter Book Awards.

Kirsten commented to The Bookseller: ‘The marketplace has changed a lot since WBD was launched and there hasn’t been a real root and branch overhaul of the initiative for a long time. My aim is to reconnect WBD with today’s consumers. That means reimaging the whole of WBD; what it looks like, what it says to people and how we can get children and adults committed to it.’

World Book Day focuses exclusively on children’s and young adults’ books and reading. World Book Night, to be held on 23 April this year, extends the focus to adults.

World Book Day 2012

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World Book and Copyright Day (also known as International Day of the Book or World Book Days) is a yearly event organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copyright. Since 1995, it has been celebrated all over the world on April 23rd, but in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland it is held on the first Thursday in March, a decision made to avoid clashes with Easter school holidays, as well as the fact that it is also the National Saint’s Day.

Drawing inspiration from a 90-year-old Catalonian tradition where roses and books were given as gifts to loved ones on St. George’s Day, World Book Day UK was launched by Prime Minister Tony Blair back in 1998: several million schoolchildren in Great Britain were given a £1 special World Book Day Book Token (€1.50 in Ireland) to be redeemed against any book in any UK bookseller. Since then, the event has grown each year to encompass more initiatives, such as Quick Reads Initiative, a series of short books by bestselling authors and celebrities designed to encourage adults who do not read often, or find reading tough, to discover the joy of books.

World Book Day 2012 in the UK and Ireland will take place on Thursday 1st March and it is set for a revamp. Led by children’s marketing specialist – and Stirling alumna –  Kirsten Grant as its new director and Penguin’s Joanna Prior as chair, the new management hopes to achieve more than one million book token redemptions next year. As one of the many initiatives organised for the occasion, more than 1,000 guests are expected to attend the first UK-wide Online Festival, which is expected to take place on London’s Southbank and will be streamed live to thousands of children in schools, libraries and bookshops. WBD will also work with the Publishers Association to boost political engagement through the government’s Reading For Pleasure agenda.

Visiting Speakers for Forthcoming Semester

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Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication hosts another great line-up of publishing professionals this semester. Our guest speakers are drawn from many sectors of the industry, including literary agency, retail, printing, distribution, trade publishing and digital publishing. The visiting speaker sessions give our students valuable knowledge of how different parts of the industry operate. As a highly technology- and consumer-driven industry, publishing is changing at the speed of light and our speakers can give up-to-the-minute insights into both how the industry is adapting to the challenges it faces, and how they as individuals are playing a part in this.

But first things first: how can you go about getting a job once you have your degree? Suzanne Kavanagh of Skillset will provide some guidance and information on this very subject on Thursday September 22. (Please note this session is for Publishing Students only, and will be held at 10.30am, not 2pm.)

The public sessions begin on September 29 with a talk by David Martin of Martins the Printers about how digital printing technology has radically changed the way books are produced. Switching to the other end of the production spectrum, Maggie McKernan, literary editor and agent will give a dual perspective from her career as both an editor and literary agent on October 6. The following week (October 13), Adrian Searle of Glasgow-based publishing imprint Freight Books will be speaking about setting up a publishing company in 2011.

Is there any truth in the suggestion that inside every publisher there is a writer struggling to get out? Well, if that’s the case with you then Dr Paula Morris of Stirling University’s new Creative Writing taught masters course will give you not only the author’s view of the publishing industry but also some tips on getting published as well (October 20).

After we get a chance to catch our breath at the mid-semester break, Jane Camillin of indie sports publisher, Pitch Publishing, will kick off the second half of semester on November 3 by talking about how publishing can be small yet successful, followed on November 10 by Liz Small of Geddes and Grosset/Waverley Publishing, a long-established Scottish trade publisher. Focus then switches to retail on November 17, with Eleanor Logan of Chapter Twenty independent publishing retail consultancy giving the bookseller’s perspective on these interesting times, and our penultimate guest on November 24 is Marion Sinclair, course alumni and Chief Executive of Publishing Scotland, the representative body of Scottish publishers. The program closes on December 1 with Simon Meek of Tern TV on digital adaptations of well-known books.

Don’t miss any of them! Attendance at all visiting speaker sessions is free but there is limited space so please register via to book a place. All sessions will be held at 2pm in Pathfoot B2.

Publishing graduate appears on Chinese TV

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We previously reported on the publishing phenomenon that was the Royal Wedding.

Now, Stirling Centre for International Publishing and Communication graduate Lucy Ren has had a starring role on Chinese TV commenting on the Royal Wedding. In addition to lending her perspective to chat shows, she also talked about the experience of studying at a Scottish university, though Stirling rather than St Andrews.

She’s pictured here in a screen shot from one of the shows she appeared on.

Christoph Chesher, MPhil in Publishing Studies, 1983-4

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The Publishing Studies course at Stirling University has now been established for well over 25 years. As one its earliest graduates I can vouch for the fact that it was of great assistance in illuminating all the myriad roles within publishing and demonstrating how they fit together. The course at Stirling will not only provide a background to the historical development of publishing as an international business, it will inform you about current practice and will also provide you within an insight to the debates and trends that will shape the industry’s future development.

Christoph is currently Group Sales Director of Taylor & Francis Group and President, Asia Region. He is also Honorary Professor of Publishing Studies at the University of Stirling, and Chair of our Industry Advisory Board.

Siobhan Greaney, MLitt in Publishing Studies, 2008-9

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Siobhan Greaney and current Stirling students at the London Book Fair

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Stirling International Centre for Publishing Studies. The MLitt was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people all working toward a career in publishing. We gained some of the experience and skills that would help us not just to get jobs but to do well in those jobs and progress in our careers. The course is a great combination of research, practical workshops and projects that explores every aspect of the publishing industry and develops the project management abilities that are an asset to any job in publishing for managing multiple titles, lists and contacts. Whether it was coming up with a marketing proposal, designing a layout or editing a colleague’s dissertation the staff were always full of good advice and tips. Both the group work and the individual research really helped me to get a clear picture of the industry as a whole and the areas I wanted to go into.

Siobhán is currently Production Editor for Technical and Professional Books, Taylor and Francis (Routledge/Spon Press)

Lucy Ren, MSc in International Publishing Management, 2010

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I had been working in publishing area over 7 years before I came to University of Stirling.

When I arrived I realized how wise I made my decision to study here. It is such a large campus with wonderful scenery, also with brand-new study facilities and professional and kind tutors. The most obvious difference between Chinese education and British education is I only have 10 classmates in my MSc class while it would be over 100 in Chinese universities. The tutors knew every students’ name and cared about us in each class, they explained everything we didn’t understand with huge patience. It’s my fortune to have learnt the modes of thinking more than the result of answering; the disciplines of market more than the statistics of profit; the methods of development more than the compulsion of management.

The other significant characteristic of the MSc studying which impressed me is its utility. All the case studies all based on real models especially the final dissertation. I researched my own publishing company, discussed all its advantages and weakness and focused on marketing. I gave lots of recommendations to the marketing department and showed all these to my boss. He thought my advice about the budget and marketing research was good and added them to the companies’ strategies. It’s so encouraging that my dissertation could be identified by some of my collegues and really helped the development of my company.

My mum passed away at my summer vacation, I wish she could see me getting a distinction of my dissertation and be proud of me. I so appreciate my tutors who gave me care and encouragement to help me finish my study. They have taught me much, not only of my specialist courses but also of my lifestyle. I hope more and more students could have the luck like me, learn and grow a lot from these great tutors and enjoy their life in the publishing department at the University of Stirling.