The Mood Board Project

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Definitely one of the most enjoyable activities of the course was the creation of a mood board. Our mood board had to be related to our publishing project and contain interesting things that might act as an inspiration for us.

It was a perfect opportunity to show our creativity and to think about our upcoming publishing projects.

My mood board included images of Greek goddesses, covers of favorite fantasy and dystopian novels, a draft sketch of how I imagine my cover to be, and a sample of different typefaces that I might use in the actual project.

Of course creating the mood board was only the first part of the fun. Bringing them with us in class and observing what everybody else had created, was the second.

The class filled with colors, pictures, even fabrics. All of the students had tried their best to create beautiful and inspiring mood boards. Liam’s mood board was full of colorful landscapes, traditional dances and Scottish monuments.

Dana’s mood board was a playful look at one of the most iconic British heroes, Sherlock Holmes. Her whole mood board looked like a children’s novelty book.

Laura (Jones) presented her favorite ampersand in a purple font, with various different pictures and images inside it, while Aija’s mood board was in a black font, with dozens of letters embracing the protagonist of her story.

Clem’s chest looked like it had come out straight from the pages of a novel, with letters, cards, and books about the Great War inside of it.

Jana’s mood board was so deliciously medieval. Arthurian legends, wonderful castles, beautiful manuscripts found their way into her project (her husky was adorable as well!).

Alexis was purely…anatomical. A ribcage, a human heart, the muscles in an arm, the eye cornea and a skull, were all part of her mood board.

Keisha presented nostalgic pictures of her academic years, combined with popular cartoons like the Simpsons, Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry.

Ana combined pictures, textures, and words to create a beautiful demonstration of her upcoming Braille project.

Vidhya showed us the sights of her hometown, the customs and traditions of a typical Indian city.

Laura (Muir) collected pictures of some of the most fascinating tattoos and Rosie’s mood board was full of flowers, lovely drawings and…bees.

Fanny’s mood board was romantic; the box that she used was like an object you can find in a Jane Austen novel, as well as the letters inside.

Lastly, Monidipa collected images from dystopian landscapes and futuristic cities, along with her logo for her publishing project.

Amalia Koulakioti